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  • JaniceDale By  JaniceDale    

    Couldn't get the hand soap bottle to spritz. Turned the top at least 50 or more times and then kept pushing down, wouldn't work. Taking it back to Target!

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  • d9a9n9o9 By  d9a9n9o9    

    nice soap but will not dispense without a mess

    product would not pump from bottle with out spewing all over my sink and not in my hands when contacting them they said they would send me a new plunger. seems they should have replaced the entire bottles (all 4)

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  • JanuaryGrayz By  JanuaryGrayz    

    Method products are great!

    I love the Method brand for being all natural and having a great selection of scents. I love the hand soap. It dispenses easily, and lathers well. It rinses off well, without leaving your hands feeling dry or clammy

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  • shesmadmax By  shesmadmax    

    I have the sea minerals gel soap from this brand and I loved it! I was weary of it after using the foaming "waterfall" hand wash and not loving it, but this one has a great scent and doesn't leave my hands feeling as dry as the other line of foaming soaps did.

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  • Mhanna416 By  Mhanna416    

    I love the smell of theses soaps! The method bottles look so modern and. I've I don't need to worry about changing the bottles I just put them in the bathroom

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  • jennyksmith84 By  jennyksmith84    

    Love Method hand soap

    Love Method hand soap. smells great and cleans great!

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  • cdbfdb87 By  cdbfdb87    

    I like how it makes your skin soft. I like that it is environmentally made. and the variety of senses that it comes in.

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  • jessicahjonessmile By  jessicahjonessmile    


    Love Method soaps and products! Yes!! Scents are great

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  • BeautifulMary By  BeautifulMary    

    This is a very nice soap. The smell is awesome and this soap lathers up nicely. Buy the refill to save a little money.

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  • ManicMom By  ManicMom    

    I have one of these in Every bathroom and in the kitchen of my home. It's so affordable, in a beautifully shaped bottle with numerous fragrances to pick from. I love changing them up throughout the seasons. And because they are at a great price if little hands make them all grimy you can toss when they are empty.

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  • Wordstoliveby By  Wordstoliveby    

    Method hand soap in the lavender scent is the soap of choice for me. The scent is amazing. It's clean and fresh. You can buy the refill bag and fill up when you get low. I don't but any other hand soap. In my opinion, none of the other brands compare.

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  • fixedcrystal By  fixedcrystal    

    This is by far my favorite hand soap to have around the house. Method's products are great all across the board.

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  • msfriendly By  msfriendly    

    This is a great soap for a great price. Natural ingredients without the dangerous chemicals that other soaps have in them. Many different scents. All other method cleaning products for around the home are wonderful also.

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  • megtheotter By  megtheotter    

    I love these soaps! I haven't found one that I liked better yet.

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  • kandrews82 By  kandrews82    

    I love this hand soap. The scents are great, and they are not super expensive!

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