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  • urbanbluegrassmom By  urbanbluegrassmom    

    Hands Down My Favorite!

    I just love Method Brands. I keep this handy pump next to the matching hand soap on my kitchen sink.

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  • jennyksmith84 By  jennyksmith84    

    smells fantastic and cleans great

    smells fantastic and cleans great- great dish soap. suds up fast!

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  • Wordstoliveby By  Wordstoliveby    

    I am very pleased with Method dish soap. Other dish soaps smell overpowering and like strong chemicals. Method is a mild soap make from the good stuff. Each pump of soap gives you the perfect amount to wash dishes throughly.

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  • Justmissash By  Justmissash    

    I have used lots of dish cleaners and I like this but I like the cheaper brands just as well. The scent is good and the consistency is great and it really works. If I had the money, I'd but this every time.

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  • Amusesings By  Amusesings    

    Always feel good about using this brand. Have the grapefruit foaming dish detergent on my counter now. Cuts through the grease and smells great.

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    Method has great products. This is the only dish cleaner that I use and it works great and smell good. It is an added bonus that it is environmentally friendly. The dispensing pump works great and I love that you can buy the refills instead of getting a new bottle everytime.

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  • pixieme7 By  pixieme7    

    I love Method's dish soap...a lot! They smell awesome, have good sudsing power, and the pump is handy when your hands are icky. It's not as cheap as Palmolive or others, but it looks cute on my sink and feels luxurious. Worth it.

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    I love Method products! It's so convenient to have the pump! The scents are wonderfully pleasant too!

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    My mom has this at her house and it is super easy and convenient to use. I love that I can just pump it into the sink as the water is running and I love that you can refill the bottle. It makes for a lot less waste. The brand smells very nice and the soap is super-sudsy with just a little bit. My mom's soap even matches her kitchen decor!

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  • StefKelsey By  StefKelsey    

    I keep my dish soap on the counter, so looks matter. Scent is also very important, and I like to go green whenever possible. The ultimate solution is Method dish soap. Classy looking container, great scents, and environmentally sound. The pump does tend to squirt very easily, so a gentle touch is required. It's a favorite of mine.

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  • txstatekita By  txstatekita    

    GREAT PRODUCT! I love being a little green! his product is a great price and the soap is not very watery. So, a little bit goes a long way! This is also very easy to dispense using the pump! I love this product and will continue to buy this type of dish soap!

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  • Katiek By  Katiek    

    I love the method line of cleaning products. This dish soap is comparable in price to other dish soaps, but this is environmentally friendly. The clementine scent is my favorite- not too overpowering. With their pump, you end up using less soap with the same results.

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  • ilovesummerX By  ilovesummerX    

    I have tried many dish cleansers and nothing comes close to the Method brand. I buy it for many reasons; it's effective, it smells good, and it's environmentally friendly. I have purchased this in the Clementine scent. This product does exactly what it's supposed to, it makes dish washing a breeze because it easily removes food and grease from dishes. It also has very convenient packaging. Unlike other dish soaps, this comes with a pump. It also has a really cute container so it looks nice in the kitchen. You can also purchase refills which saves money. I will continue to repurchase.

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