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  • KelliAnn By  KelliAnn    

    This is great for usage on baby clothing. My daughter has delicate skin, so this is great to use

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  • heatherjean8737 By  heatherjean8737    

    Love these dryer sheets for my daughter. They smell great and it keeps static out of clothes!

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  • heavenly41 By  heavenly41    

    Who doesn't love the smell of rice milk + marshmallow (mallow)? method perfected the perfect dryer cloth for my household. Forget toxic chemicals like: benzyl acetate-which is linked to pancreatic cancer. These moist towlette cloths use fantastic ingredients such as: Calcium salt, purified water, coconut & palm oil derived static reducers. Leaves clothes soft and delicious smelling with no itchy side effects. The cloths are also designed originally for baby, but like all their other products, this works fantastic on everyone's clothes. I 'm having a difficult time loading a picture.

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