Method  All Surface Cleaner

Method All Surface Cleaner

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Method Cleaner I love all things Method! This cleaner is no exception - it smells fantastic and fresh and is completely natural and is so much safer to use around my kids than chemical cleaners.

Move outta the way mr clean!! This stuff is amazing I've breathing issues and harsh fumes from a lot of cleaners aggravate them but lots of others I've tried either do nothing or just do very little and smell overly floral. This really cuts through tough built up kitchen grease on my stove hood and I don't kill my self scrubbing it to make it clean either. It does have a pleasant smell that is in no way overpowering I've used it to clean up after my messy Marvin elderly dad and hubby and pets not only in the kitchen but bathroom as well. It will clean glass in a pinch as well I wish I could get gallon jugs of it!!!

NEED MORE The smell is wonderful. Not too strong. Very natural smelling

Makes Cleaning a little more fun. Method is my hands down favorite cleaner. I love the scents, and that is cleans great, while still remaining non toxic. I usually go on and order it all at once.

smells fantastic and cleans great I love method all surface cleaner. it smells fantastic and cleans great!

Amazing Cleaner with wonderful scents. I am kind of in love with this cleaner. At the moment we have Beach Sage and Honeycrisp Apple, which is the limited edition scent that I bought multiples of. This leave all surfaces clean without a residue, safe for big hands as well as little hands, no harsh chemical smell instead leaves wonderful lingering scents. This is my go to cleaner. All of their products are amazing as well.

I love this cleaner. It seems to work better than a lot of the other natural cleaners I have tried. The fragrances are also really nice and make my kitchen smell clean and fresh.

Smells so fresh and clean! I love all of the fragrances and it cleans very well.

Love this product! I makes all my surfaces nice and shiny and makes the room smell great!

Method is great. I have severe allergies to cleaning products and it's great to have something that is natural, but also gets the job done that doesn't bother my skin.

Excellent basic cleaner. I use method multi-purpose everywhere. I have the unscented for our cat litter boxes, pink grapefruit for the bathroom, and lavender for the rest of the house. It actually works well on mirrors and glass. I stock up every sale and coupon offer!

I love this product...non-toxic, smells great. I usually spray it and let it sit and come back and everything wipes right off.

This was alright. I don't think it works any better or less than any other all natural cleaner. I didn't feel like my counters were extraordinarily clean.

Amazing stuff!! I love that it is safe and non toxic. That gives me a lot of comfort with my child and pets. It is an amazing cleaner and smells wonderful. It is also very affordable and last a pretty long time. It is the only multi surface cleaner I buy! Also nice you don't have to wear gloves or worry about it damaging things if it spills. Love it!!

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Just spray on, wait a minute or two and easily wipe off stuck on yuk. Method seems to be a little more expensive but all it takes is a little squirt. The first time I used it I wanted to cry because I ran out of surface to clean (I hated to clean too!)