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  • debragaynor By  debragaynor    

    so comfortable and easy to wear. especially when you don't want to wear sneakers. Great for travelling as they are so lightweight.

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  • bluefairie By  bluefairie    

    I work 14 hour shifts as a nurse and these are the only shoes I will wear! Super comfy, worth the money and they last a long time. I own them in several colors and love all of them!

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  • SMDZ062 By  SMDZ062    

    I have been dying to get a pair of these they look so dam comfty. It's just the price is holding me back alittle bit. Someday I will grab a nice pair of Merrell Encore shoes.

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  • jadenrilei By  jadenrilei    

    Both my daughter and I have the same pair. She is a bit rougher on shoes than I am so mine still look new, hers is holding up very well. I believe she will grow out of them before she wears them out. I love these shoes they are comfortable, and look cute with both jeans and khaki's. I also have a pair of Merrell hiking shoes that are simply awesome, they were all I wore during a recent trip to Europe.

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  • BMcAfee27 By  BMcAfee27    

    I love Merrell shoes. THE END!!!!

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  • Laura116 By  Laura116    

    I have not tried these but they sound fantastic. I will check out my DSW!

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  • starlee By  starlee    

    I LOVE these shoes. I've had multiple foot surgeries, and finding shoes that are both comfortable and safe for me is quite a challenge. But I love these shoes. I'm tempted to buy a zillion pairs for fear that they'll quit making them!

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  • janweix By  janweix    

    I really like the style and color

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  • sunandfun By  sunandfun    

    I love my Merrll shoes. I have a bad back and they were recommended by my back doctor. Very comforatable.

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  • blueeyes1 By  blueeyes1    

    I love my Merrell Encore shoes so much that I bought them in four colors! I wear them every day as I walk around the University's campus and by days end my feet never hurt! Before I found these shoes, my feet would be hurting at the end of the day - no more since I started wearing my Merrell shoes. I have received compliments from people almost every day since I started wearing these shoes - so much so that my husband has been laughing that I should start selling them myself!

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