Mereadesso Lip Treats

Mereadesso Lip Treats

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The Lip Treats were okay. I think they worked better than some lip treatments that I have used but I find that Chapstick works just as well and it is a lot cheaper. I do like the shape of the packaging.

I just love these

I'm in love with these lip treats! I use this almost everyday. I like to wear it alone or sometimes wear it under my lipsticks. its super soft on the lips and I love the scent, very light.

I love the Mereadesso line of products. This one is great. I had chapped lips the other night and tried it out and my lips were amazingly smooth when I woke up. It definitely works. It comes in a cute little pouch which keeps it from becoming buried at the bottom of my purse too. I wil consider ordering in the future but will not pay top dollar like most of the Mereadesso products are. Thanks Cravebox!

Product packaging very nice!! That will sell the product. As for price. $28, way too much. We are in a down economy and people will not spend that much for lip treats. Product was very nice all in all though. My lips looked great afterwards Nice shiny and smooth. I taste a slight fruity flavor perhaps? Not sure

I have an obsession with lip treatments and have tried them all. I liked how smooth it went on and was overall happy with the product. My only gripe is the price. I wouldn't spend $28 to buy this product. The quantity of wjat you get doesn't justify the price.

Let me start by saying that I love lip treatments. I always have a stick of lip balm at my side and love trying new lip treatment products. The Mereadesso lip treatment is smooth and silky on the lips. The texture is divine and it really does hydrate well, but--- I checked the website and there is no way in the world that one stick 1) is worth $28; 2) lasts three months. I went through one stick in about two weeks. With the plethora of lip treatments out there, this is simply not worth the money. I enjoyed having it my Cravebox and would be willing to spend up to about $7 per stick but that's the most.

I love the way this lip balm goes on - smooth and silky. I am keeping one in my purse and one in my nightstand so there is always one handy. Very happy!

I second the previous reviewer that would like to see this a little larger for those with fuller lips. But, the consistency was nice. Very smooth.

I like how smooth my lips feel after I use it. I also like that there is no color so you can use it in addtion to your color of choice. I think the design is fun too:)

Received these in my March Cravebox. Loved the feel and taste of the Lip Treats and they are absolutely my new fave. One negative - they mention that they can be used as a lipstick primer to extend wear. I tried that and it did not seem to extend the wear any longer than my usual primer. overall - love them!

I really enjoyed the Mereadesso Lip Treats product. It left my lips feeling moist, and I loved the scent and slight flavor it had. I like to wear it over my lipstick since it provided a very nice shine. The only negative I experienced was when my lips were chapped, there was a burning sensation when I applied it. I definitely would recommend this product!

I love this product. My lips felt moist all day, which is amazing considering the dryness we've been experiencing lately. I would buy this one!

I really like this lip moisturizer! I received mine in the March Cravebox and I'm so excited to have gotten to try it. It glides on and stays put for hours without feeling sticky or tasting funky. My lips and I thank you Mereadesso & Cravebox!!!

I got this in my March box from Cravebox and really like this.It made my lips moist and lasted 6 hours.I have already told my family and friends of this great product!