Mercy Drink

Mercy Drink

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i mean, It's good if you dont want a hangover. but it tastes just....ugh. and if im drunk I dont want something that is going to make me want to puke more. the good thing is it does get rid of you buzz so if you need to drive youre good. if they could just adjust the taste, it would be brilliant.

This stuff surprisingly tastes pretty good. I tested this out for a friend's birthday party which happens to be May 5th (Cince de Mayo!). We had a ridiculous amount of tequila and I was more tipsy than normal, however the next day I felt surprisingly normal. I wasn't about to run a marathon or anything but I didn't feel nearly as bad as I expected to feel considering that I do not do that level of partying anymore and tequila usually knocks me on my behind the next day. Luckily this is sold at a store next to my boyfriend's job so he picked me up a few before our trip to Europe next week :)

I gave this to my best friend - at her wedding - as I listened to her slur her order for champagne. She felt great the next day and was able to enjoy a day at the pool before her honeymoon. I also LOVE the packaging!

I don't drink so did not try this product. I gave this to someone else to try but have not heard if they have tried it yet.

I drank a little bit too much and remembered to drink the Mercy before bed. Still woke up with a killer hangover. However, I didn't mind the taste and smell of the product. Sorry for the low review, but it didn't do the trick for me.

It packs a good punch

I have never heard of this drink.

Since I'm not really a drinker, I can't really say whether it works or not. I did pass it on to a 21 year old who will no doubt appreciate it. The rubber bracelet was a nice touch though.

I tried to drink this product but couldn't stomach the smell or the flavor. I wouldn't ever buy this one. sorry.

Perhaps this is an unfair rating, but I was disappointed that this was in my crave box. I rarely drink and when I do it's a single glass and I feel no hangover affects. I doubt I will have the opportunity to try this myself.

Wow!!! Loved this as i am a social drinker.It really did help out on the next day.I have never heard of this before so thanks SheSpeaks!!!

I don't know yet if I would recommend as I do not drink. I plan to give it to a co-worker and I will let you know how it worked for them. This is a great idea though if you like to drink.

Great product idea, taste was good. I had about 5-6 drinks one night, drank this before bed and the next morning i didnt have a hangover! love it! cant wait for this to be available in a store near me, would love to also try it as a mixer one of these days.

I tried but not get past the flavor to the bottom of the can...

Love this product!!! Seriously! Went out one night which usually means I am worth nothing the next day... Drank Mercy when I got home. Went to bed. The next day I woke up and felt fine. A little thirsty and that was it! Love this stuff!!