Meow Mix Original Choice

Meow Mix Original Choice

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My cat loves this stuff and is a picky cat by the way.It's the only brand that he's affordable and my cat definitely approves lol

Great price, but horrible ingredients. I've had some cats that like it and some that don't. In general I wouldn't get it unless I really had to.

My cats love this cat food. As soon as I open the bag they are there meowing to eat. Ive purchased this product for years and it's always been of great quality.

This is basically junk food for cats. It's not good for them at all. There is barely any nutrition. #2years experience at an animal hospital.

This is the only brand my cat will ever eat. Been buying for years for my cats. Love it and so do they

my kitty would have to review it but she seems to like it

This is a ONE star food. One of the worst you can buy. Very cheap, full of artificial colors and chemicals. Your cat does not care if his kibble is shaped like a fishy and orange or green. It's the equivalent of Lucky Charms. Which I HOPE you would not let your kids eat everyday for every meal. Local cat rescues get this in donations all the time, and they put it in the basement with a sign that says "free! stray food!" But unless your strays are literally starving because there are so many (easily fixed by TNR!), I think they are better off catching their own natural food. I actually took home a giant bag as foster food once when I was running out and low on money, but ended up throwing the rest in the garbage. Even mixing it in results in terrible bowl movements. And guilt. I would go without eating myself before I would feed my cats this garbage. Buy the $13 Earthborne or Merrick instead of this. It may be more money, but your cat's health in the long run will save you money in vet bills when they get to senior status. Even buy the Iams instead of this. That's very cheap and while not good for them either, it is at least it is a step up.

This cat food is GREAT for the price, and my cat absolutely loved it. However, it made my cat's poo smell just horrible. I kept buying it for a while just because my cat liked it so much, but after a while I just had to switch because I couldn't see it being healthy for my cat if it made her poop smell so bad.

My cat loves this food. This is the only brand and flavor I have fed him for about 5 years now. The price is great as well since the other brands can be as much as 4x the price which is outrageous. I have only taken my cat to the vet once which was when he was 4 (about 3 1/2 years of eating strictly Meow Mix) and he was in perfect health with a soft, shiny coat. The vet advised my to mix at least a small amount of wet food into his diet but other than that, this food has served him well.

Price is nice for the size offered but the red dye makes my cats tummies upset. I have been chasing them around with cleaner and a towel hoping nothing stains permanently! Why is this warning not on the bag? Why are their any colored pieces at all? I don't care what my cats food looks like as long as it is healthy and doesn't end up leaving a mess everywhere or making my cats uncomfortable. Let's make it natural, leave out the colors, offer a larger size (we have 8 cats and often feed a couple of strays that stop by), leave out the "meals" and and it real! C'mon Meow Mix knock our socks off.

Great food for my 5 indoor cats and the outside ferals that I feed and take care of as best I can. I've tried many (probably all) cat foods and this is the one that most all my cats love the best. Walmart has a great price on this or did the last time I bought it.

I find this product reasonably priced and my cats love it and are very healthy--all 4 of them!

My 7 cats love it, but I never buy cat food at full price. I wait for a sale and coupon to match...I have to be a bargain shopper with all the furry feet in my house.

I bought a small bag of this .. pricey for the amount, but all of my cats liked it a lot. I would get it again if there's ever a sale for it.

I tried Meow Mix, and found that it is like kitty crack with my furballs. Sure, it's a moderately healthy blend, but the taste and texture is so amazing that my cats scarfed it down the second I put the bowl down. They weren't even hungry. Therefore, I can only use Meow Mix for special treats. If you use this, definitely have your cats on a strict feeding schedule, or you will have some heavy purrers on your hands.