Meow Mix Market Select

Meow Mix Market Select

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Our Cat LOVES These! Our cat Tags absolutely LOVES these! There are so many flavor options and Tags will drive us crazy just so we give him one of these. They are affordable, readily available and super easy to open.

Meow Mix Market Select cat can food I have 12 cats and they absolutely love this can food, they have never gotten sick from it, the only thing I don't like is that the cans aren't big enough they are like 2-3 ozs and each of my cats can eat 2 at one, so It can get a little expensive... but overall I think its a very good product

I don't know much about this product, but Tanner, my cat, has shown me that by licking the container he just loves it

My cat loves this food. She's an older cat and has a sensitive stomach but this food is always kept down and she follows me around every morning just to get some. There are so many flavors and we love the boxes rather then buying singles.

This brand is TERRIBLE for your cats. Do they love it? Often times yes. The same way children would love to eat Twinkies and hot dogs all day. It's full of fillers, preservatives, and low grade cast-off meats. If you love your cat, upgrade to something like the Tiki Cat cans that are 99 cents. They are made with human grade meat, and what cat doesn't love to steal fish of it's mom's plate? I would sooner stop eating myself if it meant saving 30 cents to be able to feed my cats something that isn't cast-off slop.

My 3 cats get this for a special treat and they go crazy for it.

My cats love Market select. They appreciate the extra gravy you find in these. Judging by how fast they disappear, they must be delicious!

My girl Maggie LOVES this food it is one of the only wet food she will go anywhere near.

My red tabby kitty, Purvis, loves these.. I prefer to feed my cats what they really like that is healthy for them. Purina is definitely a brand I have always trusted. I get very good coupons for these and buy extra to feed strays also.

My Siamese mix loves these, but his Perisan/Coon mix sister doesn't - they only eat fish-based soft food once a week, and I tried this a couple of times. She wouldn't touch it at all. But she's more finicky than he is. The food is presented well, in good packaging, but the foil tops can get punctured and spoil the food if it's not stored properly or carelessly tossed into the bag by the store.

My cat likes these EXCEPT in one of the flavors the shrimp are so large that he pushes them out of the bowl and won't eat them. They look tasty enough for me to eat, though!

My cat loves Meow Mix - both wet and dry. she is a picky eater and this is just about all she will eat.

The only soft food my cat will eat. Lots of varieties. Great product.

My cat Bella LOVES these. They are her favorite. She won't touch other brands after feeding her this. She goes crazy every time I even open the closet I store them in. And as an added bonus she eats her dry food less and has lost a few pounds (she was fat before). I highly reccomend this for cat owneres.