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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    Good magazines!

    I am reading Men's Health after my husband finishing reading it! The articles are informative and interesting.

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    I buy these for my best friend, whose a guy. He love the articles!

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  • sykick By  sykick    

    Absolutely love this magazine! I keep up with the articles so I can help keep my husband healthy. The information that's geared towards men's unique health needs makes this a must-have for wives and mothers of sons! Also, the exercises are simple and can easily be adjusted to suit a woman's needs if she's looking to strengthen muscles.

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  • bizemom By  bizemom    

    LOVE this magazine as much as my husband does. I can use a lot of the info in it to apply to our daily lives, like the recipes and info on what foods to eat. It offers a lot of information on hot topics like how to decrease chances of getting heart disease, what vitamins are important, what superfoods to eat etc. So much information packed into every issue. MUCH better magazine for men as opposed to a Maxim, which offers way less to zero healthy living advice. Great MAG!!!

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  • lynn_green02 By  lynn_green02    

    I like this magazine. My boyfrriend subscribes to this magazine but I like to check it out every month for the recipes, question and answer section, as well as the health advice section. I subscribe to Women's Health but think that Men's Health has a better recipe section.

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  • AnAmericanHousewife By  AnAmericanHousewife    

    I had subscribed to this magazine for my husband because of the health and fitness information. He loved the fitness articles but it seemed after awhile they were trying to push the envelope on sex articles and information. It got to be 'too much information' and he said he didn't want it laying around the house where our 3 kids had access to it and he quit his subscription.

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  • jkestrell By  jkestrell    

    I love this magazine and look forward to it every month. I subscribe to it for my adult son but I always try to grab it before he does. The health information is always cutting edge, as are the exercise articles. I would say it is a magazine that a couple could share. I find that some of the articles helps me to stay in touch with what men are interested and the male perspective.

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