Men on Dating Site Get a Surprise When 'Nurse Nicole' Gives Out Medical Advice

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 06, 2014

We all know men can be stubborn about seeing their doctor, many men wait far too long to get medical attention. But what if there was a way to get their attention where they least expect medical advice, like a dating website? This is the tactic Matches for Men’s Health is taking as they infiltrate dating sites to encourage men to make an appointment with their healthcare provider.

Fox News reports about the social media campaign that has taken a lot of men by surprise when the woman they’re flirting with wants to talk more about their health than their ideas about romance. Advertising interns have created a fake Tinder account with the name “Nurse Nicole”. During the month of June Nicole will remind men to have their prostates checked, dangers of high blood pressure, testicular cancer and more.

The Matches for Men website describes the endeavor saying, “For the month of June, Nicole is enduring terrible pick-up lines, facing extreme male desperation, and talking dirty to dirtbags in the name of men’s health.” When men attempt to talk or flirt with Nurse Nicole, interns Vincent Mark and Colby Spear have a number of medical facts and statistics to share. Spear explains, “Steering the conversations towards men’s health was a fun challenge for us.” He adds, “As a copywriter, I regularly have to think of funny lines for ideas, and Vince is just always a witty guy. We thought of responses to the pickup lines on the fly.”

What do you think of the Matches for Men health campaign?

Do you think something like this will encourage more men to get regular check-ups? Do the men in your life see the doctor regularly?

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happyface78 by happyface78 | BUFFALO GROVE, IL
Jun 09, 2014

I think it's a great idea and kudos for Vincent and Colby for being brainiac to steer the conversation to health facts and stat & having fun thru it