Members Agree: 12 Is Too Young For Facebook

   By drodriguez  May 23, 2011

What age for Facebook?  Most of our members agree, 12 is too young.

It looks like we’re split with 37 percent of us going for ages 13 – 15 and another 37 percent of us for ages 16 – 18.  As SheSpeaks Member shoemaker616 said:

"I think it depends on the parents. If they have time to monitor and coach their child about being on this site then 14-15 years old is fine."

Interestingly, almost 17 percent of our members agree that minors (anyone younger than 18) should not be allowed to have their own Facebook account, like Member keishaj31:

"I think 18 is an appropriate age because, some things on facebook is open to anyone who wants to a have a page, such a predators and criminals, and at this age they can determine right from wrong if ever being approached with the wrong circumstance. I think, at theis age they will be able to be responsible for themselves better than children under this age."

Whether we like it or not, it seems young kids are finding a way to Facebook.  Mashable recently reported about a Consumer Reports survey that found 7.5 million Facebook users were under the age of 13. The magazine also estimates that 5 million Facebook users are just 10 years and younger.

What do you think about the large number of Facebook users under the age of 13?

Have your children asked if they can have their own Facebook account and what was your reaction?


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Turtleks by Turtleks | Derby, KS
May 24, 2011

my 9 and 12 year olds friends have facebooks and emails. Not in this house! There are to many dangers out there awaiting this age group. As well as to many temptations, these things are to hard to monitor and real easy for the bad guys to access

ccramerc by ccramerc | unsubscribe, PA
May 24, 2011

i think 12 is too young. i have a real problem with "kids" on facebook. although i will probably allow my boys to have a page if they want when they're teens, i still will have my concerns.....mainly because even though you may be diligent as a parent and assure privacy settings, doesn't mean your teen's friends are as careful & private. as for our current situation, my oldest is 9 and he has friends who are on his football team of the same age requesting to be friends with mu husband and i! are you kidding? why would i friend a 8-10 yr old when i don't allow my own child to be FB? and furthermore, this is an inappropriate request and shows that some of these kids have not been taught about boundary issues.

Lipservice by Lipservice | Southfield, MI
May 24, 2011

No, 13 maybe as long as it monitored

mmbabiak by mmbabiak | NEWARK, DE
May 24, 2011

we let our oldest have a page around 13 years old. We monitor it and I adjust the privacy settings as often as Facebook changes them. I check her friends list and their comments and wall posts. If there is someone who is questionable they get unfriended.

Diaphanous by Diaphanous | Clayton, NC
May 24, 2011

I agree that 12 is to young. I think anyone under 18 who cant be held legal for what they do on facebook should not have an account. They really aren't suppose to. Parents fold far to easy these days "well everyone else is" or " Oh facebook and myspace all the kids are into that, thats what they do now lol." I am happy to say my kids has survived and is happy and alive OMG without having facebook. Is he a social outcast no, and if it has excluded him from a set group of kids who wont social engage with him without facebook twitter myspace and text messaging oh well they are not really trying to be friends your just a number on their sites.

May 24, 2011

Our kids need to be kids for a while! Society is trying to push things on our youth so quickly they don't have time to digest the last thing put before them (ie: phone, video game, computer...) before something bigger and better is shoved before them. My daughter will not get a facebook, no matter how many time "But so and so has one" is whined in my ear. How about we shelter our children, just a little bit, before they are too big and too experienced to be all.

SimplyMellow by SimplyMellow | Douglasville, GA
May 23, 2011

My daughter does not have a Facebook because I feel she is too young (13) and it is too much exposure. At one of the schools in my community the Resource Officer states that 85% of the fights and arguments come from remarks left on Facebook and through text message. I just feel that Facebook opens the door to cyber-bullying and it creates a false since of self for those kids who find "gusto" in front of the computer screen.

lulume2 by lulume2 | Unsubscribe, AL
May 23, 2011

I honestly think it is okay. I think that it can be good for children to socially interact with other friends. If you are going to allow it, then go over rules with your children that you would find appropriate (don't add people you don't know, don't give out personal info., etc.). I am not a very strict parent with Facebook, other parents are very strict and view their child's info. and requests and answer it for them. It is really up to you, this is a family decision. I allowed my 8 year old to start an account ,she still has it and she is 11. My 15 year old son also has one.

BMDsMommy by BMDsMommy | Montgomery, TX
May 23, 2011

I miss the old facebook when you had to have a college email to become a member. Too many things young kids can get into now a days, the internet is just one big mess...

mbailey12377 by mbailey12377 | CENTERTON, AR
May 23, 2011

My 9 year old is begging for her own Facebook page but I won't let her create one. Several of her friends have a page but the "legal" age for FB is 13. I'm not going to allow her to lie just so she can create a page. Once she turns 13, I will allow her to have a page with guidelines. As long as she is living with me, we must be friends. If she blocks my access to any content, she will no longer be allowed to have a page. If you don't want your mom to read it, don't put it on the internet!