Member Poll Reveals The Many Ways We View Movies

   By drodriguez  Jul 20, 2011

How and where we view movies these days is ever-changing as the latest technology offers more ways to watch than ever before. A recent SheSpeaks poll found that almost 70 percent of members are still using the traditional TV to view DVDs and Blu-rays.

A growing number of us however are now watching movies and shows on the internet through our TV’s or computers.  More than 26 percent of us say we watch movies on the internet through our TVs and almost 28 percent of us connect to movies on the internet with our laptops or desktop computers.

The number of people using the internet for their media entertainment may grow even larger in the coming months as Netflix, the most popular web streaming service currently available, recently announced it would be raising prices on their DVD by mail plus online streaming package by a whopping 60 percent.

The price for getting 1 DVD by mail at a time plus unlimited online streaming will go from $10 a month to $16. This dramatic increase may be too much for customers to swallow and cause some to downgrade their packages to web streaming only which will remain the same price at $8 a month.

Research director for IHS Screen Digest, Arash Amel, told the New York Times  that Netflix’s latest price increase goes along with their intention to make streaming movies the focus of their business and calls it “the latest step in a long-term transition toward becoming a next-generation premium television business.”

Where do you view movies these days?

Does Netflix’s recent price increase change the way you will receive their services?


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basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Aug 09, 2011

I personally go to the Film Festivals, they are great, you learn so much about the process of the films from actors, directors, writers, etc that are at the events screenings. Redbox and cables On-Demand are both popular with my friends. Library for DVD's with this economy is quickly gaining popularity too. There's also enough stream on demand at specific shows websites.

twin_pat by twin_pat | SCHENECTADY, NY
Jul 20, 2011

I probably won't renew my membership. It has become to costly. Will go to the RedBox.

hrbradford by hrbradford | Athens, TN
Jul 20, 2011

Same here! I'm over Netflix now.

teach06 by teach06 | LAKELAND, TN
Jul 20, 2011

Personally, I will probably cancel my Netflix subscription and stick with the Redbox!