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  • Zoraiya By  Zoraiya    

    I was swept away in to a completely different supernaturally romantic plane than all the other young adult books have taken me to. The rest of the series does not disappoint! A much different take on vampires than what I'm used to. If I had to choose a similarity on what kind of vampire mythology they use, I'd say it is similar to Kate Beckinsale's Underworld's vampire lore. And still, it's much different from that. I'd definitely give it a try, and when a song is mentioned playing in the background, I suggest looking it up and listening to it as you read that scene. It just makes it all more magical

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  • cloybaby By  cloybaby    

    great book. its not very difficult to read and theres not alot of hard to follow plot twists. good characters and an interesting story line. i must say i did get board after about three books in the series but it is one of the better written vampire series out there.

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  • drapercl By  drapercl    

    I love these books i have been looking for the most recent one for over a month but have been unable to find it. I have to agree with everyone this series is far better than Twilight ugh a sparkling vampire pa lease

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  • patybluetx By  patybluetx    

    IDK I read the first book and a half and thought that the premise was interesting but I felt like the story took too long to develop in each book so I didn't finish.

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  • nednettinc By  nednettinc    

    I agree, it is better than Twilight, for sure.

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  • baptistballerina By  baptistballerina    

    This is a VERY well written vampire novel. It takes away from the normal vampire cliche and actually makes you fear for your life because "they could be real". I know someone is going to slap me for this, but it is BETTER than the Twilight series.

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