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  • Avigail By  Avigail    

    Fun and practical

    This is such a fun product! My kids loved riding it through the airport and packing their treasures inside. It was a bit tough for them to open the latches on their own but on the whole we really enjoyed it.

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  • zsazsa By  zsazsa    

    I bought the Trunki after seeing it online for my two year old son for our vacation to Disney World. This thing was so perfect getting him through the airport! He would just sit and ride it while I could hustle through the lines and crown without needing to worry about him. I also like that it has holders and straps to keep things snug and that it is the perfect size for a carry-on. We had all his snacks in it for the plan ride and it worked like a dream.

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  • P_isforpreschooler By  P_isforpreschooler    

    I won one of these in a contest but figured my 6 year old would be too big for the ride-on aspect of it. Wrong! She loves to play on it, pretending it's a pony, and stashing her favorite stuffed friends inside. I'm surprised at how durable it is - we just love it!

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  • skalett04 By  skalett04    

    I love all trunkies and can't wait until my daughter is old enough to have now. They are fun and kids can sit on them while waiting at the airport/bus stop,?.they are amazingly roomy for little suitcases.

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  • lsacks By  lsacks    

    Trunki is a great idea and my three year old loves his. We do not take it when we go on a plance because it really does not fit a lot. However it is perfect for a short road trip and my son is so proud that he has his own suitcase just like Daddy. He also loves that it can be decorated with the stickers.

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  • birdbrain By  birdbrain    

    I love the idea, but it turned out to not be as practical as I'd hoped. We don't leave the house with it, and my daughter doesn't ride on it. It's just become a trunk for dress-up clothes.

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  • deb1262 By  deb1262    

    Trunki is a great idea. It is a suitcase with wheels that your child can ride on too. I use it as a small holder for my 2 year old Grandson. He uses it to ride on to.

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