McDonald's Addition of Kale To Their Burgers Leaves Some Scratching Their Heads

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 07.23.17
McDonald's Addition of Kale To Their Burgers Leaves Some Scratching Their Heads

The last several years has seen the super health food kale craze go wild. We all learned how to make the perfect kale salads and even how to replace the potato chip with a crunchy salty green leaf. But now it seems that kale has found its way into one of the most unlikely of places...a fast food hamburger.

Today reports about McDonald’s move to add kale to their burgers and the social media response of both fans and those who find kale and fast food burgers to be a strange combination. As part of McDonald’s Signature Crafted sandwich line, they have now released a Kale & Sriracha Mac Sauce sandwich. Customers can customize the sandwich (which runs around $5), adding either a beef patty, crispy chicken, or grilled chicken. The sandwich is topped with crispy onions, tomato, white cheddar cheese, a baby kale and spinach blend, and Sriracha Mac sauce.

This may sound delicious to some, but others are questioning the logic of mixing their healthy greens with notoriously unhealthy fare. One Twitter user writes, “Why does @McDonalds think kale on a burger is a good idea? We eat kale for health benefits... put it on a greasy burger and it's negated lol”. And another says, “Putting kale on a burger from mcdonalds is like putting sugar free caramel on a 50 scoop ice cream sundae with 15 toppings.”

But still, the kale burger may be luring in some fans of the healthier topping. One Twitter user writes, “Wait. Baby spinach and kale on this new mcdonalds sandwich? It's like they know that I'm distancing myself from them they tryna call me back.”

What do you think of McDonald’s adding kale to one of their new sandwiches?

Would the addition of kale make you more likely to order from McDonald’s?

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  • Olivia-Monet By Olivia-Monet

    Gross... This, to me, would be like taking a good thing and adding a bad thing to it just to tear the already good thing down to the bad thing's level. Not to mention, kale chips are THE WORST thing I have ever put in my mouth, and I have eaten pickled cow tongue...

  • onwildwings By onwildwings

    Umm, why?? Kale doesn't suddenly make it all healthy! lol A kale salad or a Kale, egg white breakfast wrap yes, burger NO...

  • kikiL1771 By kikiL1771

    No kale on my burger, I'll stick to other things instead.

  • ShanShan3110 By ShanShan3110

    No I do not believe this is a good idea. Why didn't they just make a Kale Salad? Combine the kale, almonds, apple and Cheddar in a large bowl. But not on a Burger. NO this would not make me more likely to order Micky D's

  • Introvert20 By Introvert20

    I wouldn't order that at all. I love McDonald's but adding kale to a greasy unhealthy burger seems unecessary. Kale is supposed to be healthy adding it to this burger will not make the burger healthy. I'm a lover of green smoothies, I'm always using kale. Its so strange seeing it on that burger.

  • Freesocial2011 By Freesocial2011

    This is not something I would order, but would not turn me away. I would just stick to my normal

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