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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Va Va Volume

    I love this mascara! It gives my lashes extra volume! They look longer and thicker! It doesn?t clump either!

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  • AmaisDiary By  AmaisDiary    

    First Maybelline Mascara

    This was one of my first ever Maybelline mascaras. I loved it, elongated my lashes, gives it a more fuller look. Only issue is it leaves residue and can easily mess up your makeup if you're not careful during application, as the applicator is quite big.

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  • BeccaAlvi By  BeccaAlvi    

    Great Mascara Option

    I used this product all through out my middle school/high school years. I actually really like it, it doesn't clump up and it made my lashes look long and full. I still use it to this day!

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  • Smartz24 By  Smartz24    

    I bought this product and i did not like it. It clumped up my eyelashes , and a lot of the make up would get in my eye and it would burn my eye . I had to stop using it .

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  • dianita200 By  dianita200    

    i think this product could be better i expect long lashs and didnt happen

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  • Heathernicole86 By  Heathernicole86    

    I actually have to say I love the way this mascara makes my lashes look and I didnt notice any clumping or flaking.

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  • PrincessKK By  PrincessKK    

    Maybelline has always been on my favorite mascara list. I love to use specially this one for a more dramatic look & i love it.

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  • Teacupp By  Teacupp    

    Beautiful lashes when I use this. My eyes look huge and I love it!

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  • mrsnaughton2 By  mrsnaughton2    

    I am very picky about my mascara and while I generally love maybelline products, this one was a fail. It was just too clumpy.

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  • BrittanyKG1 By  BrittanyKG1    

    I typically like Colossal, but I find that it's a bit clumpy and tends to flake off. Great initial look, over all, after the first application, but after just a little time the eye lashes don't look as great as they did, you have to keep reapplying and then that results in consistent flaking and uncomfortable eyes. It's an okay product, but there's definitely some better out there. Even just the original is better, in my opinion.

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  • LookingforSunshine By  LookingforSunshine    

    It has been years since I have found a mascara that I liked as much as this one.

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    Absolutely love this product! It gave me everything I wanted in mascara in one tube. The length, the shape, and the fullness...would recommend this to anyone looking for a sexy dramatic look. Not for all day perfection, but perfect for a date night.

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  • Krissynichole By  Krissynichole    

    I do not like this formula it just made my eye lashes all clump together.

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  • jazz96 By  jazz96    

    It runs ofter mid day :(. i wish it was darker and it would last longer

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  • Cgmcewen85 By  Cgmcewen85    

    So I hated this. It started flaking almost immediately and I found it way too thick. Also the brush did not resemble the curved design on the advertisement. Will not repurchase

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