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  • Cmartino By  Cmartino    

    I have always loved Maybelline and this mascara doesn't disappoint! The wand is phenomenal! No clumping during application and most importantly it doesn't flake off during the day. You ladies know what I'm talking about. Hours after application my lashes are still beautiful and o have no worries of raccon eyes from little flakes

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  • Vedrana08 By  Vedrana08    

    I have tried A LOT mascaras and I have to say this one is very good. It makes my lashes really long and I love how the brush looks

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  • vintage2002 By  vintage2002    

    most of maybeline mascaras work especially the blasts, they don't clump or flake and last all day

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  • dudsi17 By  dudsi17    

    The waterproof version is my favorite non-discontinued mascara. My all time favorite is the Maybelline lash stylist in waterproof (discontinued) but this is a great alternative. =)

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  • Jazz123455 By  Jazz123455    

    I have never tried maybelline mascaras but i will now! (:

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  • GirlyGeek By  GirlyGeek    

    My default mascara, which never seems to fail me. Gives great volume and length, very buildable without clumping, I think it's the simple brush. Will continue to buy for many years to come!

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  • alijewyl64 By  alijewyl64    

    one of my favorite my favorite mascaras - it leaves my lashs very silky and full - the way i love tor them to look...

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  • aridayzap By  aridayzap    

    I have been using this mascara for years. It's great, it always make my naturally long eyelashes super long. You dont have to keep re-applying like other mascaras and it doesnt flake. It gives you bold eyelashes.

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  • ErikaVeronica By  ErikaVeronica    

    This is by far my favorite mascara, it curls my lashes very well and doesnt clump, the brush is nice and large and really makes my eyes pop ( i have naturally long lashes so the results may be different if your lashes look otherwise). sometimes i need to swipe a little excess off my lids but the overall look is always nice and I probably wont purchase any other brand of mascara from now on :)

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