Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express

Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express

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Disppointing for me! There's something about this mascara that just misses the mark for me, and I think it's the shape of the wand. For some reason the curve does not add any ease in reaching the corners of my lashes or hitting the middle of my lashes from base to end. I like round wands that I can rotate in my hand to get the lashes evenly coated. Can't say I've had any issues with the formula itself, but the wand shape has prevented me from repurchasing.

This is my favorite drugstore mascara! I love the curved brush and the way it gives my lashes a little extra oomph. Plus, the purple packaging is a win since it's my favorite color. The price is right, too.

Not impressed I hate the brush and how flexible it is ! The formula is decent and it does curl my eyelashes but doesn't give any excitement too eye I wouldn't purchase this agian the maybelline colossal is way better than this one .

When I wear this mascara my lashes look false but they feel very hard. All in all its a good mascara.

This is my go to mascara! Never problems with flaking or clumping. I get it in waterproof and black. I really love the curved brush.

It's pretty good for volume but it flakes throughout the day and clumps sometimes

Does this mascara really provide the falsie look? I have not tried this mascara. It would be nice to try it and then provide a review. I could really use a mascara that truly lengthen my lashes!

I think this is really good for girls starting out make up for the first time. It leaves your eyelashes looking big and bold. It makes you feel more sexy.

Maybelline has amazing products! I did notice a bit of flakiness not a fan of that but it works on giving you the volume look on your lashes.

I love this mascara! I use it everyday! I use the waterproof type. It lasts all day even during swimming or crying. It really makes my eyelashes look longer and fuller.

i love this mascara, it's always my back-up. it's a bit messy but overall is great, easy to remove and looks great for a good price.

pretty good mascara, it gets quite clumpy and has a lot of fall out but it's an overall okay mascara.

Loveeeee falsies mascara!!

This is a great mascara it gives great volume and coverage would buy again

I love this mascara , great price great lash mascara,