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  • itsdanielle By  itsdanielle    

    This product is okay.... I went to Walmart for a nice lip gloss and saw this so i picked it up. It did not stain my lips like i thought but it was a nice color

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  • pepsijamie By  pepsijamie    

    If you like to re-apply

    The colors are pretty and I love the wand but 10+ hours? Um...No. There is no stain. There is gloss. 10+ hours, maybe closer to 45 minutes.

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  • twilkers2 By  twilkers2    

    Definitely doesn't last ten hours. Its nice because it doesn't get all over but it doesn't last long at all.

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  • nancystebbins By  nancystebbins    

    A bit pricy and the color fades faster than it should but the product does stain your lips for a few hours and the colors are nice.

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  • Dieana007 By  Dieana007    

    Im not a huge fan of these. They are a bit messy but very pigmented.

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  • Downgirl561 By  Downgirl561    

    I like to use lip stains, this one was ok.. It's a pretty color and it smells really nice.. but the color didn't last long sweating at the's a little pricey but I found a coupon so it was totally worth every penny..

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  • laurela98 By  laurela98    

    i've seen better

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  • KrazyCuban By  KrazyCuban    

    I got a bunch of these lipstains and I love them. They dont stay on as long as they are supposed to, but the colors are great and they smell awesome!

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  • mommyof2hunks By  mommyof2hunks    

    i actually did love this. I bought it, mine DID stain my lips, maybe it was just cause i had a dark color, it is pricey but with coupons is totally worth the money and the best part is IT SMELLS LIKE KOOL-AID!!!! i love this product and would recommend it to anyone who is currently using a stain!

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  • itsallaboutthehair By  itsallaboutthehair    

    do not like this at all. for 7 bucks, I could have gotten a nice lipstick. this flakes, color fades fast. will not repurchase.

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  • wmn2wmn By  wmn2wmn    

    it is a pretty color but it does not stay on.. it does not stain your lips like i thought it would. i paid $7.00 at walmart but its just a pricey lip gloss.. wont buy it agian..

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