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  • irinam85 By  irinam85    

    I use this all the time and have been using it for years. I tried different brands and types in the past but only this one has worked the best on my skin. It has the coverage that I need, not too little and not full. I do need to reply on hot, humid days but overall I am completely satisfied. Will be buying again when it runs out.

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  • Meaganalora By  Meaganalora    

    Stays on all day!

    Like that this applies evenly on my skin. It has moderate coverage and last all day. Did not break my skin out.

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  • Aevalh By  Aevalh    

    I love powder foundation. This one is a nice powder. It stays on all day. I will be repurchasing it when I run out. It leaves my skin looking nice.

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  • RosemaryS By  RosemaryS    

    I like this mineral powder foundation its light and I usually carry this with me everywhere I go, lol just incase I need to powder my nose quickly and continue my daily routine.

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  • Cassylynn7 By  Cassylynn7    

    I love Maybelline products so I tend to try any new products that come out but I stuck with this one right away! Great product, it works great and looks great. Goes on very easily and last all day.

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  • Babygeorgia By  Babygeorgia    

    I like most Maybellline products but this one didn't work well for my middle-aged skin. Too dry and difficult to get good coverage. I use it now as a base and apply liquid makeup over it.

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  • erinvictoria19 By  erinvictoria19    

    I have tried so many foundations/powders/compacts. They all leave something to be desired, except for this one. This does not leave my skin looking flaky, or dry like most other powders. It doesn't make my pores look enlarged or make the "fine lines" look worse, like many powders do. This leaves my skin smooth, and even toned. It leaves my skin looking so much better. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I have shared it with a lot of my friends, and my sister in law has been using it for years, since I shared it with her. This is my favorite product. I could use this, a little mascara and a little lip gloss and be good to go...but I can't live without this product. It is my daily staple. I NEED THIS MAYBELLINE PURE STAY POWDER FOUNDATION, I hope they never discontinue this product!!!!

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  • hollyalia By  hollyalia    

    I found this product a couple of years ago. It goes on smooth, stays on, protects you with SPF 15, and makes you look beautiful. I get compliments on my "complexion" all the time.

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