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  • Aliciadawns26 By  Aliciadawns26    

    Not. Super wowing at all it didn't even last the day

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  • LadyAvon By  LadyAvon    


    After using 2 two coats it was still thin looking and it did not last, starting chipping by the next day.

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  • EPalma By  EPalma    

    I love this color ! It's cheap and very pigmented .

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  • Krisbee4 By  Krisbee4    

    HORRIBLE! I literally painted my nails one day and that SAME day my entire fingernail polish peeled off in one piece! By the second day my nails were completely bare again. Well at least if you buy this nail polish there will be no need for any nail polish remover! So disappointing! I bought 5 of these because they came in such beautiful colors!

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  • juli12s By  juli12s    

    The color is bright and fashionable, the price is cheap compare to other similar nail polish. I love how easy to apply. However, it lasts less than a week, then I have to reapply the nail polish :(

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  • Jassy0629 By  Jassy0629    

    I bought this in yellow at the Dollar General. Good thing it was inexpensive. Bad thing when it dries it becomes matte and made my nails look sloppy. My nails werent shiny like the commercials/pictures. It took a really long time to remove the polish as well.

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  • Racher4 By  Racher4    

    i loved this product. it was inexpensive and lasted well with out chipping.

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  • Icatsstaci By  Icatsstaci    

    I found this at the Dollar General and it was very inexpensive. It is thick and goes on opaque and matte after two coats but this also means you have to be careful because it easily becomes paste like. I had to clean up my nails after painting because it collected at the cuticle more than my other nail polishes. But overall I would buy another color from this nail line.

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