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  • BeccaAlvi By  BeccaAlvi    

    Makeup Bag Staple

    I absolutely love this concealer and the size of the brush! It has great coverage and I always buy this concealer even when I have tried others in the past. I compare it to the Tarte Shape Tape, because it is a total dupe for it. I would recommend this if you are looking for great coverage.

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  • Melfitness By  Melfitness    

    Love how this concealer applies. It gives that dramatic under eye highlighter look. The only thing is its drying and may not be the best for dry skin. I use a moisturizer as a base to help with the dryness. Overall, if you're into contouring and highlighting then this concealer is for you.

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  • arlette2525 By  arlette2525    

    Good concealer. Hides my dark circles really well ( they are HUGE!)

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  • Nrae28 By  Nrae28    

    I use to use the Maybelline Instate Age Rewind Eraser all the time, I haven't purchased it recently because I just sort of forgot about it, but I definitely need to repurchase.

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  • Kislam97 By  Kislam97    

    This really helps the dark circles under my eyes. It's not too light or too pigmented.

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  • meAlinaandI By  meAlinaandI    

    Love Loreal but not with this one. Sinks into pores. Besides that the attached sponge is very unhygienic!

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  • BeReal By  BeReal    

    I was really disappointed when I purchased this product. I thought this was a line-diminishing, dark spot correcting foundation... apparently it's tinted sunscreen. BUMMER

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  • ErinKay By  ErinKay    

    I like this product. It goes on easily and doesn't feel too thick. It blends well and stays on all day. I wish i would have gone a shade darker than I usually am.

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  • nikkiaust17 By  nikkiaust17    

    this stuff is amazing! so thin and easy to blend, i just blend out with my fingers after using the sponge to put the product on, in the shade fair then put a normal concealer closer to my skin tone on top and ive been using this combo for a while, and my dark circles get hidden perfectly! love it

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  • makeupaficionado22 By  makeupaficionado22    

    This is a cult-favorite. I tried it in medium which may have been too dark for my nc-30 skintone, I should have gone with light or another shade. To be honest I think this works better in conjunction with the whole contour/highlighting trend nowadays. I don't know if this is going to work for those with really dark circles, but then again to each his own. Just be sure to set it with a loose setting powder.

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  • katiecourtney By  katiecourtney    

    Ive been using this product for some time, and am a repeat buyer. Although this isn't a highly pigmented formula that banished dark circles, it does a fine job at brightening them up and a but of coverage while moisturizing. I think it works best when you apply, let it sink into skin for a moment, then blend. Not for very dark, stubborn circles.

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  • Ayyejax By  Ayyejax    

    Perfect for those dark circles ! And it's a drugstore product , very cheap and worth the money. Definitely recommend for light skin people.

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  • GanGan3 By  GanGan3    

    One word ....LOV!!! I'm in love with this product because it's easy to apply and reapply if needed.

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  • TheRunningTeacher By  TheRunningTeacher    

    Excellent product for dark circles and for camouflaging fine lines as well! I can tell a noticeable difference after using it! It's also great for evening out the skin tone in that area as well. :) It took me a bit to get used to the brush, but now after 2 clicks, I just dab on the areas I need it on (v-shape underneath and above the eye and beside bridge of nose). Then, I use my fingers to blend lightly. It takes about 10-15 clicks to prime it before using it the first time. Lasts all day!

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  • Babygeorgia By  Babygeorgia    

    The sponge applicator gives good coverage. I do need to blend it in a little with my fingertips. Easy to use.

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