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  • Theonlylla By  Theonlylla    

    Still favorite

    I have been loving this item for at least 8 years. Same quality, very good. Doesn?t make my lashes sticky, doesn?t make them look like spiderlegs. I don?t feel that I have a ton of mascara on me. Still one of my favorite.

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  • Kay6519 By  Kay6519    

    Good Starter Mascara

    I have naturally full and long lashes, and this product complimented them quite nicely. It's wasn't too clumpy, but didn't add much volume either.

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  • Brittany8977 By  Brittany8977    

    Nothing special

    Doesn't build well. Runs very easy. Cheap and readily available, Easily clumps and doesn't look good on the lashes. No dramatic lengthing or volume, pretty much a starter mascara.

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  • Mgoodman25 By  Mgoodman25    

    This is a good mascara for a the price. It is not my favorite by far, but definitely good if your on a budget. I find that I can't wear it all day because my eyes are sensitive and I tend to just need to get it off by the end of the day, but that is pretty typical with any make up that I wear.

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  • cdazzled28 By  cdazzled28    

    It is basic good black mascara. It is beautiful on. Just some clumping and quickly heavily coats lashes. Found it easy to overdo it. Affordable and an easy drugstore find.

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  • clarajh By  clarajh    

    It's a very basic mascara. There's nothing particularly great about it but I also wasn't disappointed.

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  • Annabel423 By  Annabel423    

    I bought this mascara a long time ago and i didn't really like it, don't get me wrong maybelline does have good mascara so i can't say i won't buy mascara from them, this one is not the best one that they have.

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  • Tsjones1996 By  Tsjones1996    

    Its not a bad mascara, and it is a classic, but there are so many better ones on the market now.

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  • jennvee012 By  jennvee012    

    This is a timeless product! I try all the new ones but I always have a tube of this in my make up bag...always! The color is just what it says blackest black and it definitely is noticeable when you wear it.

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  • cristy59 By  cristy59    

    This mascara is way too clumpy to use. Makes your eyelashes look heavy .

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  • Chanson By  Chanson    

    I normally love Maybelline but I didn't not like this mascara at all. It did nothing but make my eyelashes clumpy

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  • dmp515 By  dmp515    

    I like to switch out my mascara and this is one I go to. I like it a lot but it does not make my lashes as full as I would like.

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  • gemamichelle By  gemamichelle    

    This mascara was the first one I ever had and it was nice back then but it made me feel like I had to put many coats on so that it would look like I had makeup on. It is good for people that are looking for the natural look.

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  • lquill88 By  lquill88    

    Probably my favorite mascara. It doesn't clump and makes it feel like I'm not wearing any. I love it!

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  • LoveToSurvey By  LoveToSurvey    

    I didn't find anything great about this mascara. I do like their colored mascara though. I picked up the teal and purple. I do use another mascara underneath to give me the volume Great Lash does not. The 2 together look amazing!

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