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  • gatewo11 By  gatewo11    

    I have always been a fan of maybelline eyeshadows, and they tend to be the most pigmented out of the drugstore brands that I have tried. I especially like these color plush ones because the finishes and color combinations are so pretty and versatile. They are pigmented and easy to blend, but I have found that some of the colors fade out on you pretty quickly throughout the day, even with a primer. Great quality for the price however.

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  • letsreviewstuff By  letsreviewstuff    

    This is great for a budget shopper; I think it is a okay alternative to the Urban Decay Naked Pallet (of course not nearly as good ). It is very shimmery so BEWARE! I love shimmer so it works great for me. I don't really care much for the brushes provided so i usually throw them out. This is a great product but It could be better, especially with cheap packaging. careful, the plastic case is very fragile

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  • deikenb87 By  deikenb87    

    This is a great summer eyeshadow... I love how it brings out the blue in my eyes. It has a lot of shimmer so if you're not into that I would try something else.

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  • ornestac By  ornestac    

    The formula is great and when applied wet the become metallic, which is completely amazing!

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    I love this eye shadows

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  • erinvictoria19 By  erinvictoria19    

    I love this eye shadow. It stays on ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT (if you so desire). The color is true to how it appears in the quad. I don't like shadows that look like one color in the "box", but look different on your skin. This eye shadow looks as it should on the eye. I get great results from this product, and the price is low, so it's a win-win!!

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  • shalunya By  shalunya    

    If you are looking for a shiny, pigmented shadow, then this is the product for you. The formula is great and when applied wet the become metallic, which is completely amazing! No other brand has been able to provide such a variety of 'metallic' type shadows in a permanent collection. As with any shadow, if you want it to last all day without fading or creasing then apply it over an eyeshadow primer. Maybelline has a wide range of colors and they have really put great combinations together. These aren't for the meek or mild!

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  • ashleyhorton82 By  ashleyhorton82    

    Colors are pretty but way too much glitter and it irritated my eues.

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  • coffeelover992 By  coffeelover992    

    I was impressed when I used it! I really like it, it made my blue eyes really pop

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  • thenewme By  thenewme    

    I love this product. I have the taupe and the lilac ones. I love how it is bendable and has a little glitter to it. If you don?t like shimmer or glitter than this product might not work for you. It stays on all day. I am happy with this and will purchase other color to try next.

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  • mommy2459 By  mommy2459    

    I love warm tones:)

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  • raquelslaughter By  raquelslaughter    

    I love the vibrant colors of the eyeshadows. I just have a complaint on the ease of how they break up. But the color lasts all day and I love the glitter making my eyes pop out.

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  • loreilly86 By  loreilly86    

    Maybelline Eyestudio offers a decent variety of eye shadow palettes in very pretty colors. I have "Give Me Gold", which gives a nice shimmery golden look.

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  • amberlavine By  amberlavine    

    I only have one of these and can't wait to get more. They really deliver the color that I want. You can do simple and just have one color or go dramatic and add them all or a few!!

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  • IronicPoetry By  IronicPoetry    

    I love Maybelline's products, but this is one of the few that I wasn't totally impressed with. I have the one that has white, greenish teal, navy blue, and black. The colors look a little muddy when put on and don't come out very bright or bold. The glitter in the white ends up all over my face, too. I still use it from time to time, but I was really disappointed that the green/blue shadow comes out as a greyish muddy blue instead of being blue at all.

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