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  • pianoprincess1989 By  pianoprincess1989    

    Greasy had my T zone looking like Pizza Night!

    Very thin/ light coverage! Not for oily girls either I am not kidding when I say it had my face so greasy I was dabbing my T zone with napkins like a PIZZA! Seriously... I will stick with my Revlon! :)

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  • justjoslyn By  justjoslyn    

    Not for Oily Skin

    foundation is very light coverage, I would suggest to use it in the summer when you want light makeup and not a heavy feel. Great foundation choice if you have dry skin, I wouldn't use the product if you have oily skin. I used the product for about 2 weeks and had a terrible break out(I have oily skin).

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  • marielanr By  marielanr    

    This is one of my favorite foundations. The consistency is light, while giving medium to full coverage. Very easy to blend either with a sponge or a brush.

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  • Samisabella By  Samisabella    

    Light coverage yes full coverage no

    This product I's great of your looking for a light coverage. I'd your looking for a full coverage I would go another route, or you could just layer it which sometimes looks a little cakey.

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  • BeautifulMary By  BeautifulMary    

    I would have rated Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse higher if it actually came in a shade I could use. There is a small variety of shades. The colors don't run very light or very dark, so if you are need of these shades you are most likely not going to find something that matches. Also, these foundations run toward the pink, orange side ( like most foundations) I am a light medium skin tone with slight olive undertones. I have a hard time finding any foundations that match. If you happen to be one of those lucky people who can easily find your match, the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse does give a beautiful satin smooth finish.

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  • Mirnacanellas By  Mirnacanellas    


    It has amazing coverage. Super affordable and I love how might weight it is.

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  • obriensam By  obriensam    

    Definitely a summer time foundation wasn't bad but nothing wowed me- also I would stay away from this product if you're oily

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  • Janeedrader By  Janeedrader    

    I found this item to be okay. None of the tones fit my skin color. Even the lightest foundation was too dark for my face and couldn't match my neck. I was disappointed. I was hoping to like it.

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  • Nrae28 By  Nrae28    

    This isn't a bad foundation and I still use it every now and then, but it's just one of those products where it's good and works well, but if you have something better, you'll never really reach for this. It does it's job, but there's nothing amazing about this product to me.

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  • Tanyetta904 By  Tanyetta904    

    Very light foundation, great for the summer, felt like had nothing on.

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  • Daniluv13 By  Daniluv13    

    I jus got this foundation and it is amazing. At first I wasn't to sure about it but after a while of playing around with it and applying it on various ways you learn to make the best of it. .It doesn't have a strong smell it also goes on smooth and looks very natural.

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  • IndieChick By  IndieChick    

    My go-to for foundation! Sometimes I get adventurous and want to try something new, but for one reason or another I always end up coming back to this foundation. It matches my skin perfectly. It's light and doesn't get that caked on appearance. I even liked it better than the tarte foundation I spent way too much money on!

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  • GiselleAnnM By  GiselleAnnM    

    Very light, very breathable foundation. Perfect for just applying and walking out the door. If you have acne or red skin you might want to do 2 applications but otherwise it's a great product.

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  • Sourgrl By  Sourgrl    

    I really like this makeup....

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  • mesugsheerie By  mesugsheerie    

    I love this foundation. It never feels heavy but still gives moderate to full coverage. It matches my complexion very well and I like that it is one of a few drugstore foundations that has low toxicity. I've been wearing it for about two years. Also, I have acne-prone skin and it doesn't break my skin out.

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