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  • Fountains777 By  Fountains777    

    Stays on, great for the price!

    This is a really good mascara for its price. When I am on a makeup budget I usually opt for this one. You can get it at any walgreens and walmart! It makes my lashes look darker, longer, and fuller. My lashes are naturally straight so when I curl them I add this on and it makes them stay curly and looking beautiful all day. I always choose the waterproof one though. Because I live in a very humid city. I would totally recommend this mascara if you're on a makeup budget. The only downside I do notice is that it dries out quicker than most high end mascaras. But otherwise I absolutely love it! I still buy it when on a makeup budget!

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  • AprilHarmon By  AprilHarmon    

    Adds length & volume!

    This is my go-to mascara! I have very short lashes & I love how this mascara gives me both length & volume! And it doesn't clump or flake off throughout the day! I can apply it in the mornings & my lashes still look fabulous that evening! And the price is unbeatable! Far better than a lot of the luxury brands I've tried! Highly recommended!

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  • j-rays By  j-rays    


    This is my ALL TIME favorite mascara. I have tried MANY drugstore mascaras and not only do I like this formula (stays on all day, does not clump or flake off, removes easily), but I love the shape of the wand, which for me is the most important part. The long bristles and the way the wand gets thicker in the middle makes it the best for combing through your lashes in order to separate and lengthen them.

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  • SamNau By  SamNau    

    Great Product of Maybelline

    This is a great product from Maybelline. It makes my lashes longer and thicker without using fake lashes and is long lasting.

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Va Va Volume

    I absolutely love how much volume I get from using this mascara! Just a few swipes on my lashes and they look bigger, longer, and thicker! No more need to use fake lashes because I can achieve the same results using this! Doesn't become dry or flaky! Stays on! Stays put!

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  • Nikkih14 By  Nikkih14    


    I love this product! Always my go to mascara. Great drug store buy. Never too clumpy and adds great volume!

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  • zafira7 By  zafira7    

    Great mascara

    I love Maybelline brand. This mascara is great. I do recommend.

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  • dzully By  dzully    

    This is the best mascara I have ever used in my life !!! It separates and curls my eyelashes so beautiful and even lengthen them ! This was one of my first mascaras I have used when I stated makeup and 7 years later I'm still using it !

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  • kirchshannon By  kirchshannon    

    Great but dries out fast

    Really love this stuff but it doesn't last! I think they changed the formulas so that they go bad faster. There's also less product in the bottle. All a scheme to make you buy more more more.

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  • Sand_doll By  Sand_doll    


    It's a good mascara it makes ur lashes big and it gives it a good volume if its a casual look and u don't want to put fake lashes try the mascara it will look good

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  • KimberleeGoodson By  KimberleeGoodson    

    Not a fan of this mascara, but I'm also reallllly picky. I prefer Lancome drama.

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  • jennybenny76 By  jennybenny76    

    I really like this mascara... I naturally have long lashes but it adds fullness and length without excessive clumps!!

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  • rference1 By  rference1    

    I like how this mascara makes my lashes look longer and thicker. A great drugstore mascara!

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  • Pinklover9 By  Pinklover9    

    I have short lashes but this helped lengthened my lashes

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  • AbbyP1997 By  AbbyP1997    

    I used this for a couple months after they first released it. The brush was great for me when it came to adding volume and thickness. I have really thin eyelashes so I hate leaving the house without any mascara. This product wasn't very clumpy either and it didn't go bad very fast like with most.

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