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  • zsazsa By  zsazsa    

    Pretty fun if you are into strategy

    This is a fun game if you are into playing real strategy games. If you like games where its more light hearted and easy to learn, perhaps this isn't the game for you.

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  • SaraRT By  SaraRT    

    I love that this game is based on both strategy and luck. It isn't easy to understand at first, but once you've played a few rounds it becomes much simpler and enjoyable.

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  • LanieM By  LanieM    

    Bought this game for my son and we have had such a good time playing it. Nice strategy game from beginning to end.

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  • SabreNinja By  SabreNinja    

    Fun game and its a classic to boot. My husband and I bought the 15th anniversary edition to one of his groomsmen as a gift. The wood pieces are so nice. So we try to at least get it played once a year as a tradition. Wish we played it more often!

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  • gaarabucket By  gaarabucket    

    This is my favorite board game. We play it at every holiday. We even have game night at our apartment where are friends come to play it too. I have the 5-6 player expansion and am planning on getting more soon. If you are looking for a fun rivalry game this is it!

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  • justlovely123 By  justlovely123    

    This game is so addictive. We used to always play during the sleepless nights in dorms. Whoever got three wins in a row had what was called a "dynasty". Which was a confidence booster. At first the rules were hard and it felt like a million things were going on at once. But once you get the hang of it, it is SO fun! I wish I could get the expansion set which I heard was also addictive.

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  • abandba By  abandba    

    Love this game. It's difficult to explain through the directions, but once you start playing, you catch on really quickly. It is fairly limited on the number of players needed/allowed, but it's really fun. It requires significant strategy and can help your bargaining skills. Unlike most games that have those two aspects, however, Settlers of Catan doesn't require hours and hours of time to play. Usually the game play lasts an hour or less, unless you have someone who can't make up their mind. A great game overall.

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  • hkysns1 By  hkysns1    

    Fun game to play - sometimes it can be a little long!

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  • Maxsanders By  Maxsanders    

    We used to love this game and play it all the time but then I think we learned too much, the game because painfully long every time we play it. Now when someone brings it up many groans can be heard! Of all the great games out there, we pass on this one,

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  • NicoleyGreenOne By  NicoleyGreenOne    

    my ex was a "boardgame geek" and i had to play a lot of boring games with him...this was one of the few i actually enjoyed ...i kicked his butt real good ... 4 stars!

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  • neurogirl By  neurogirl    

    I played this game for the first time with a group of family friends. I was hooked! I ended up getting this game for Christmas. The one problem is finding people who either know it or are willing to sit down a learn a new, slightly complex game. The upside is that if it comes up in conversation somewhere it's a great way to meet and get to know acquaintences better.

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  • adotrelova By  adotrelova    

    one of the best desk games ever. Changes each time you play. You can purchase great expansions too.

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  • kashicaat By  kashicaat    

    Our family owns so many board games - Sunday night is game night. We love that everyone does something on every turn, every game is so different - it depends on strategy and the board layout. We've bought all the expansions and our games are so elaborate now, but still so fun!

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