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  • sassyladyLS By  sassyladyLS    

    love this coffee

    I love this coffee it just tastes so good and it helps me start my day on the right foot.

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  • Mmartin3293 By  Mmartin3293    

    great coffee.

    Great coffee! This is an inexpensive coffee, but it still tastes great and is really smooth going down. I have used this brand for years and I love it- I highly recommend checking it out!

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  • Love_without_limits By  Love_without_limits    


    I love love LOVE this coffee. I generally can't function without at least 2 cups a day. I was giving up on coffee for awhile because it made my stomachs hurt so much but I figured I'd give this a try and not only was it delicious but it didn't hurt my stomach at all! Two thumbs way up!

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  • KarenAAnn By  KarenAAnn    

    Awesome Coffee!

    We love Maxwell House Coffee in our family! It always smells so good when brewing and tastes so smooth. It is not too strong,just mild and perfect. It is our go -to for morning coffee or a afternoon pick me up

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  • IlanaSlightly By  IlanaSlightly    


    I come from the land of instant coffee and I can barely drink Maxwell House no matter what form it's in...

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  • mtanner78 By  mtanner78    

    Maxwell House Master Blend is my father's favorite coffee. I have drank it when I visit. Although not my favorite coffee, I don't mind it either!

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  • hachi1 By  hachi1    

    Classic Coffee for Peaceful Mug Moments

    This is one of my all-time favorite classic coffees. I did a blind taste test between the top five coffees including Folgers and Hill's Brothers and the Maxwell House coffee clearly won in taste and pure flavor.

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  • brejgeiselman80 By  brejgeiselman80    

    One of the best scent memories

    This is the coffee that I grew up with and still love today. When I drink this it reminds me of making the morning coffee on Saturdays for my parents as they read the newspaper at the table. It always tastes like toffee to me when I add milk and sugar, no other coffee grounds taste like this to me. It smells and tastes like home.

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  • mrspolaris By  mrspolaris    

    Maxwell House is one of my go-to coffees. It has less acidity than some of it's competitors , not to mention cheaper. I also like the half caff.

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  • Alicia18001 By  Alicia18001    

    Maxwell is my go to coffee. I drink it every morning, it tastes great and is a great price!

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  • jackie1984 By  jackie1984    

    Very good for everyone.... an every morning wake to a good glass or in my pice of mind sleep to a good glass too ..

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  • chanel84 By  chanel84    

    My everyday morning coffee,taste great,bold and delicious

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  • Coreynme1998 By  Coreynme1998    

    This is the coffee I wake up for every morning! The flavor is rich and the aroma can bring my house out of bed!

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  • LoveToSurvey By  LoveToSurvey    

    This is our favorite coffee in my house! My husband and I have been drinking Master Blend for over 15 years and love the mild flavor. Since we drink coffee all day it's a perfect blend that tastes great either first thing in the morning or after dinner!

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  • leilabug2001 By  leilabug2001    

    I grew up with my mom drinking Maxwell house. Now that I am an adult with a family of my own I am using it too! It is my favorite coffee!

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