Maxwell House Intense Bold Roast Ground Coffee

Maxwell House Intense Bold Roast Ground Coffee

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My go-to Maxwell House Intense Bold Roast Ground Coffee is my go-to coffee to make at home. It's great for your first morning cup of hot coffee to get your day started and equally as good as a mid afternoon iced coffee treat. It's flavorful, without being bitter, it has a wonderful roasted flavor and the aroma is mouth watering. Absolutely recommend!

not my top favorite, but I will still drink it I buy this brand for my household a lot for our coffee maker. Other people in my household like it a lot. I drink it because I do not feel like making my own coffee. It is ok, but not my favorite. I will still drink it.

Classic This is the coffee I grew up on It is very good and a nostalgic flavor

Coffee In-law and hubbies favorite coffee, I like to mix it in with other brands to get the perfect cup for myself.

Best coffee! Thai coffee has a decadent and rich taste that is sure to make your morning great!

Coffee I'm personally not a fan of any Maxwell House products. It tastes cheap and just not great, but will get the job done when you need a little coffee fix

Brings back memories I remember this coffee from when my grandparents used to drink it. I really was not too fond of it recently, until my son started by the kcup version...this is all he buys and it is actually pretty good. I still prefer other brands, but it works. To me it is not as strong as I like a coffee to be, but it is one of the "go-to"'s in this household.

Prize-Winning Cup of Coffee! So, I was in a coffee blind taste test at work and had several brands to choose from. I didn't know what was what but we all chose Maxwell House Coffee, the yummiest cup of coffee in the house! Thank you! Amazing!

Mz. Satisfied My favorite coffee. I love the flavor, after-taste, and aroma as it is being made. It literally is "good to the last drop"

Not Bad The flavor is definitely strong, but not particularly ?my cup of tea.? I do appreciate the energy boost from this coffee and the price, but there are still other brands at the same price point that hit all the other marks for me.

Maxwell to love I love Maxwell been drinking it for years and it had been a family tradition that every morning sending places an entire pot of Maxwell on top brew.

Maxwell Great taste with great price. You can?t go wrong with this brand but I do prefer the dark or bolder like this ine

Great cup of coffee One of the best coffees on the market for decades Maxwell House is one of my favorite. With its bold and delicious taste and its wake me up aroma it continues to one of my coffees I always have at home. Always satisfying and the price point is still amazing compared to other coffees Maxwell House Bold will always be in my house for my wash up call. Classic and delicious.

bleh, its sub par compared to other coffee not a fan. pretty less than average compared to other coffee that is available in the market.

Bold, Robust, Smooth Flavor When brewing, this coffee has a rich, bold aroma. The taste does not disappoint. The flavor is smooth, bold and robust, and not acidic. This coffee is great any time of day, and I frequently drink it at breakfast and during mid-morning. It is also a great complement to after dinner sweet treats. It is an affordable coffee that appeals to a variety of palates.