Maxwell House Dark Roast Coffee

Maxwell House Dark Roast Coffee

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Great coffee Love this dark roast from Maxwell House. It?s dark and robust and delicious!

Perfect cup of joe Growing up I would know when my mom was awake because I could smell the brewing of a hot cup of maxwell house. I love to dunk my Oreos in this specific coffee. I love the taste and the price. Maxwell house has been apart of my family for many years.

Just Like Grandma Used to Brew My grandmother used to drink Maxwell House every morning. When I was about 14, she invited me to have a cup with her for the first time. The Maxwell House Dark Roast takes me back to those mornings. It is the right flavor to drink with or without creamer. It gets me going on the morning, but most importantly it centers me and gives me energy for the day.

Coffee This coffee is amazing! I drink it and my mom drinks it. I tell everyone to get this coffee it smells and taste so good. I would love some free coffee or even coupons. Thanks 😊

Coffee My husband drinks his coffee black so this is perfect for him it's strong enough he doesn't have to have a whole pot! And it smells amazing

Good I was pleasantly surprised that this had such a good flavor. I decided to try it since I was out of my Starbucks brand of coffee. I purchased the dark roast because I like a stronger coffee. To my surprise it had a full bodied flavor and was not acidic. It had a very nice aroma and the flavor was good. It made a nice replacement until I was able to get my regular coffee.

This is by far my favorite coffee! More and less expensive alternatives can't hold a candle to my beloved Maxwell House. The dark roast is my go-to coffee but I have liked every other Maxwell House coffee I have tried. The dark roast has the bold intensity that I look for with just the right amount of boldness and woodiness. I have tried too many dark roasts from too many different brands to count! This one wins hands down!!!!