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  • Archie By  Archie    

    The game was fun at first, but more we played it seemed to lose its excitement, it became more predictable even with different players. If someone had it, I would recommend playing, but I wouldn?t recommend going out to buy it.

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  • speakmichelle By  speakmichelle    

    I thought this was a fun game to play with couple friends. I don't own it, I wish I did, but I would recommend it for date nights!

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  • jackie14095 By  jackie14095    

    I have also never headr of this game.

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  • jcatt77 By  jcatt77    

    This is a great game - I found it years ago at a garage sale - fun to play with a group as you learn something interesting aobut people - need an even number to play is something to keep in mind.

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  • LoopyLooop By  LoopyLooop    

    When I bought it a second time (first set we had forever, but lost some of the cards), I had to buy it online since it was hard to find in stores. Amazon did have it, though.

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