Mattel Blokus

Mattel Blokus

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SUCH a Fun Strategy Game I love this game! It is such a simple concept but such a fun challenge. I play with my brother all the time. I will say it is much harder to play with 4 people, though, and not really fair with 3.

Super fun game! This was one of my favorite games growing up! It is fairly straightforward and easy to learn. A great game to teach basic principles of strategy.

YEAH .... BLOKUS .... MY NUMBER 1 ALL-TIME FAVORITE GAME !!!! The game play is very original in the aspect that you have around 22 different shaped colored pieces and each turn you het to add it to one of your pieces already on the board... your goal is to get all your pieces fit onto the board the fastest... so you must determine if you want to play offensive or defensive ... to keep other players from accomplishing there similar goals ... Most of my friends had never even heard of the game before me ... which is really strange since it has won my top game awards... I am always up to play THIS GAME !!! It is ALWAYS MY 1st choice... Colorful, pieces well made, smart original design ...can't say enough positives about it I give it a 10 stars !!!!

Fun for both kids and adults. It's a great practice on spatial reasoning. I love using this game in a classroom setting as well when my students are learning about geometry. It's very tactile and visual, great brain tease but not super difficult so it's fun even for kids who aren't into counting like in traditional board games.

Great game! can play with 2 - 4 players. It's addicting.

Fun game for older kids and adults. There is a lot of strategy that comes with the game after you've played it for awhile.

This is a great game, suitable for all ages, that keeps you plotting and thinking the whole time. It's like a modernized chess game with four players. Keeping the pieces in zip top plastic bags is a good idea though, as pieces will get lost if you just place them in the box. Great game for families, friends, and parties.

My Stepmom introduced us to this game, and honestly everyone, from my son who was 7 at the time,to my dad has enjoyed it. There are options for 1-4 players and will provide fn for literally the whole family!

This game is great forth whole family! It generally moves very quickly and everyone has a blast. It's regularly played here.

My family loves this game!

I love this game. Very right brained. Just up my alley.

great game, our whole family plays together!

Great game! If you're just playing two player, I would recommend moving the outside border in by two rows all around. Three players should move the outside border in one row on each side. This way it's still challenging. We used sharpies to draw the borders so my kids could easily see the boundry (ages 5, 6 and 8).

My daughter wanted a board game with shapes like Tetris is for the computer. This was the closest I could come to a similar, multiplayer board game. We have fun interacting as a family when playing this game. In the end after we get an official winner, we all try to work together to see if we can get everyones pieces played. Makes you think creatively and spatially, plan ahead, and work hard to utilize all your pieces, particularly if you manage to do it in the right order to maximize points.