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  • Skailmama0122 By  Skailmama0122    

    Barbie Fashionista

    My daughter loves Babies and always has and she's always kept a pretty hefty collection of them and she's got the barbie houses and campers and convertibles to go with.. So needless to say, she is a number one Barbie Fan. I was actually sent one of the Barbie fashionista dolls to review as a product tester. My daughter fell in love with it from the very beginning. After that, we started buying them for her every chance that we could. Now she's got a good bit stacked up. They are not expensive and they are so cute and trendy! I recommended these to my sister and now she buys them for my niece as well!

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  • Mommycheli By  Mommycheli    

    My daughter has a lot of barbies and these are her favorites. She loves the eyelashes and the fact that she can really bend her knees to sit dow. I make furniture for her barbies. She gets really frustrated that her other barbies don't sit right. The hair seems prettier on these barbies also for some reason.

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  • Annakiv By  Annakiv    

    Love barbie.just simple.

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  • gulrukh By  gulrukh    

    Love this doll

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  • Ashl3yR3n3a By  Ashl3yR3n3a    

    Barbie is the best doll to have. She have it all and I do mean all.

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  • bplatt By  bplatt    

    My granddaughter is 4 and she is a Fashionista. We got her the doll. But, we try to get every new Barbie for her. She loves them all.

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  • lckykittie By  lckykittie    

    My daughter turned 5 in December '11, she has really got into the barbies. I have always purchased the Disney princess barbies for her because it's Disney! I came across the Fashionistas and they were really cute, although some of the skirts were a bit short. I found a really killer deal on them so I purchased a few for my daughter for Christmas, these have become an instant hit. My daughter a huge Disney fan even prefers these to her princesses. She has in 4 months managed to break off one of the barbies hands (the wrists and elbows have joints) luckily I was able to pop it back on, it just comes off easier now. For the retail of these dolls they come with a decent amount of accessories and are fashionable!!

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