Mattel Apples to Apples Junior

Mattel Apples to Apples Junior

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Honestly, this game is pretty boring. My son likes to play it but I have a feeling it is just because he spent all of his "Bible bucks" from church on it. There were very few laughs and the adults especially were happy when the oven's timer went off and we had to end it early. There are many games that the whole family likes to play together but this is not one of them. I think if it were just my son with some of his goofy friends, they might have more fun but as a family it wasn't fun.

We love playing this game in my family we play it on game night sometimes and we all have fun Great game to have on hand to play with your family

my whole family loves to play this Love it

My daughter loves to play this game after school with her friends.

One of our most favorite family games. I secretly love the critical thinking the kids use while they just think they're having fun. Great for us to play with and without the kids.

Our kids really enjoy this game. My Husband and I also had a good time playing. Great game for a family night!

I love this game. It's a great game for the kids. But my friends and I get together and have drinks, and this is the game we play. We always get a good laugh, and it's still good clean fun.

I played this game when I was younger and had a blast with it with my friends. Last year I received the adult version for Christmas. Both versions are a lot of fun and create lots of laughs!

My 9 year old twins recieved the original apples to apples game first, but found the words too complex. This junior edition was perfect. The kids just love it, and it is sure to provide a lot of giggles and smiles!

My friend's children love this game!!!!

my daughter loves this game!

Fun family game. I recommend it to many of the families from my classroom. It gets kids talking and engages the whole family.

This game is awesome! It requires both critical and creative thinking in order to connect frequently dissimilar items. I used this game in my classroom weekly to help teach analogies, and my students always begged to play it!

Fun game! You can play the regular game...or add a little variety by playing "Quick Apples" or "Opposite Apples"'ll find yourself laughing. The game recommends to have 4 or more players, but you can play with 3 people...lay down 2 cards instead of 1. Players younger than 9 yrs old could long as they are able to read.