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  • Kcnicole81388 By  Kcnicole81388    

    This is a bit pricey. I don't always buy this, as I can't always splurge. If I had a better job, this would be the shampoo I always purchased. It smells amazing and the scent lasts FOOOOOrever! It leaves my hair so soft and doesn't weigh it down or make it greasy.

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  • acappel By  acappel    

    I absolutely love the smell of biolage! It makes my hair feel amazing and you hardly have to use any so one bottle goes a long way!

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  • julia123 By  julia123    

    My favorite shampoo!!! It makes your hair smell amazing and super soft!! I would recommend this to everybody.

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Wow. I love how it leaves my hair so flawless.

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  • lorimangnall1 By  lorimangnall1    

    Love the hydration! Love the lift, and volume! Sometimes the scent can be a little strange if you are not used to matrix products. Overall I would use again!

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  • SheaC1 By  SheaC1    

    Total repiar for damaged hair. My hair was so soft and shiny after using this product!!! My hair was damaged from bleaching it and this put the moisture back in my hair. love it!!

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  • angsmith By  angsmith    

    The smell and softness is amazing! Worth the price!

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  • LadyShain By  LadyShain    

    This is a very nice shampoo and it makes your hair very soft. I would recommend it to people who have heavier hair and thicker hair. I have pretty straight and fine hair and it does tend to weigh my hair down after too many uses and make it feel greasy since it's so fine. Still a great shampoo though!

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  • Disneygirl26 By  Disneygirl26    

    This is one of the best shampoos on the market. It smells nice and leaves your hair soft and smooth. It really makes your feel clean and hydrated.

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  • BamaGirl71 By  BamaGirl71    

    My hair stylist uses this shampoo on my hair at each visit and I've come to love it.. It leaves my hair feeling soft and silky smooth and it is well worth the price.

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  • ishhappens By  ishhappens    

    I am a stickler when it comes to buying high priced hair products, so many are worthless, high priced for no reason. But the entire biolage line is worth every single penny. Results every time! Try leaving biolage conditioner in for a while with a shower cap. Super soft amazing results! Smells like a salon, doesnt fade color and leaves hair so soft, shiny and moisturized.

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  • jazzberry187 By  jazzberry187    

    The scent of matrix products smells like you just got your hair done at the salon, AMAMZING. This shampoo is my go to it leaves my hair frizz free, hydrated, healthy, shiny, and above all bouncy! I recommend this shampoo to people that have medium t coarse hair, anyone with thin hair this would really weigh your hair down, matrix does make liglightweight shampoos that are amazing as well. overall this is my hands down go-to product. I always recieve compliments.

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  • kjneedsaladder By  kjneedsaladder    

    My natural hair color is dark brown with golden undertones and I've been blonde for about a year now. This means that my hair has been bleached and tone and bleached and toned time and time again. Recently, just after toning again after a few months, I noticed that my hair had become dry, brittle, and really hard to work with. I could rarely ever run my fingers through it without them getting caught on tangles. As well as it was very similar to wet Kleenex when it was wet, IT JUST BROKE APART. I've used Biolage products before, even when I was natural, and it made my hair so soft and I loved the smell of it. So, I decided to try this. I'd spent so much money on deep conditioners and hair masks from the beauty supply store, so I wasn't expecting much since nothing else had worked. However, as soon as I got out of the shower, I could tell a difference. My hair is no longer a similar consistency to straw and the breakage was reduced. If you've been having issues with dry, damaged hair and really just need relief from the chaos that is over-processed hair, this is probably the best product to go to. It may not take away all of the issues, but it will definitely make doing your hair in the morning less of a chore.

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  • downsizediva By  downsizediva    

    I love the smell of this product! If you have thin, fine hair as I do you may want to try another product. I found it to be a little heavy for my hair. If you are into spending a little more for your hair care products, this would be great for someone with thicker hair!!

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  • mentalninja By  mentalninja    

    Fresh and clean scent. Not as hydrating as I had hoped.

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