Mason Jar Love

Julie Grice By Julie Grice 10.18.11
Mason Jar Love
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My husband likes to tease that I have a magnet in my head that immediately draws me to every Mason jar in the area at each flea market, garage sale and antique store. I love them all: the ones that are safe to can with, the ones with the wire baling, the clear ones, the blue ones. All of them. Which probably explains my fascination with desserts in jars. Could there possibly be a cuter way to serve single serving desserts? I think not.





And don’t forget, Mason jars also make for some incredibly cute gift packaging!

What's your favorite dessert (or gift) in a jar?

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  • christinlilly By christinlilly

    clever, clever idea!!

  • astarblazing By astarblazing

    Making Apple Butter and putting in a jar is awesome!

  • judybird2 By judybird2

    The jars are indispensible for storing just about everything, besides being great for canning. I have never made a dessert baked in a jar yet, but aim to sometime.

  • AnnSheSpeaks By AnnSheSpeaks

    I want to go straight to my kitchen and cook up some of these mouth-watering recipes! Its a rainy autumn day and I'd love to surprise my boys with a treat or two when they get home from school. :)

  • adie1221 By adie1221

    Mason jars are so versatile. You can use them for anything and everything!

  • Texmel By Texmel

    Something somebody canned! I learned how to can last summer and really enjoyed it. Cherry almond jam, cinnamon anise jam and pepper jelly are next on my canning list!

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    I've never received a gift in a jar. But I like the idea. I remember them being around my cousins and grandfathers as a kid. And back a few yrs ago they became popular in restaurants to serve iced tea in.

  • dlboggs By dlboggs

    That is an awesome Idea. I never thought of dessert in a jar before. I use them to store things after they are opened. Like a bag of brown sugar instead of trying to close the bag. Also I make lots of apple butter and peach butter.... But I but jars everywhere I can find them also.

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