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  • NatalieMeraz By  NatalieMeraz    

    Has great coverage and does not look cake on the skin. Looks natural if you will.

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  • Courtneyskyler94 By  Courtneyskyler94    

    My new favorite foundation. Purchased this at a party I threw at my house. I had previously tried it another party but sadly had already spent all my money on other Mary Kay products. I bought this to use on my wedding day, so you know that counts for a lot! The coverage is perfect. Super smooth and light. Wasn't oily at all, gave me a very beautiful finish. You can't beat the prices for such amazing products.

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  • macdurance By  macdurance    

    I have super oily skin and this is the only makeup that actually stays on all day! I recommend it to all my friends and family. Also love their applicator brush!

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  • jazz96 By  jazz96    

    Love love love it !! Am in my 30 and my skin looks like am 25 lol great skine care

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  • Zacksmom1978 By  Zacksmom1978    

    This is one of the lightest foundations I have ever used, yet it provides full coverage but does not look fake or have an orange tone. I would recommend it to all skin types.

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  • Jennifer123 By  Jennifer123    

    I have recently went to a Mary Kay party and I tried this foundation. In was scarred to try it on because I Have acne prone skin and my skin is very oily. I put it on and i fell in love. I want to buy this product. It is only $20. I wish the tube was bigger. I am Beige 3 . I never thought we would find my color because my skin is hard to match to any color. Mark Kay surprisingly had alot of different shades. I was so surprised. I went into the party thinking Mary Kay is not as good as People mention and that It would not be for me and my skin. My opinion has changed and I cant wait to purchase this product.

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  • TMBCollier By  TMBCollier    

    It's an absolutely love worthy product. Just smooth it on, under your foundation, but over your moisterizer and voila, camera ready in a flash!

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  • steviemae By  steviemae    

    I normally do not wear foundation but I won a free Mary Kay makeover and got so excited that I bought many products from them. This is by far my favorite. It goes on very nice. Coverage is AMAZING and doesnt look fake at all.

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  • TheJessicaBaker01 By  TheJessicaBaker01    

    I have tried a lot of foundations and this is one of my favorites. I love this stuff. This is made for comination to oily skin. It gives a matte finish and helps control shine. It's light to medium coverage and super buildable. I like that I can build it up and it still doesn't feel like I'm wearing any makeup. I feel like my skin can breathe when I'm wearing this foundation. I have acne prone skin but this stuff doesn't break me out at all. It does really even out my skintone and pores. I'm almost out of it which makes me sad but I will definitely buy again when I do. The great thing is is that there is one for normal to dry skin too, so I definitely recommend this to all skin types, even if you have sensitive skin too.

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  • 1greatmom By  1greatmom    

    I love the coverage and it doesn't make me look like I'm "made up".

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