Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser

Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser

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Mary Kay love I purchased this for normal to dry skin. It has 3 separate things it does and cost as much as a products that only does one!! Tones, exfoliates and cleansing. This is the best face wash I have purchased. I find the price to be inexpensive especially for all it does

It's OK. I haven't seen any improvement with it.

I used to be a Mary Kay consultant and since then I have moved away from using Mary Kay make-up but I cannot live without my Timewise set. Especially my 3-In-1 Cleanser. I put it on before I get in the shower and my face feels clean and refreshed.

I love this cleanser! Makes my face feel so clean and smooth. The only thing I use!

I love this It makes my skin smooth and bright!

I use almost nothing but mary kay beauty products and this cleanser was one of the first ones I ever tried and I love it. It's not the best at getting eye make-up and mascara off. But I just use the mary kay make-up remover before I wash my face so it's not a problem for me. But it's gentle on my sensitive skin and cleanse my face and pores perfectly!

I love the exfoliating beads in this cleanser! They make my skin feel so soft and clean! I never skip a day or night of using this! Amazing stuff :)

This is THE BEST facial cleanser I have found for my skin...and believe me i have tried a LOT of cleansers. Somehow it manages to clean without dehydrating, and hydrate without feeling oily!! My skin feels clean but not stripped of all its natural oils. I have super sensitive skin and this was fine, no rash or irritation.

i have the entire set and i love it and i have acne problems too for sum odds reason it worked for that to and it keep your face feeling so soft and fully moisturized all through out the day .

I like this because it gets my face clean but I did not se any overall improvement in the appearance of my skin.

I love this because you only have to use a dime size maybe even less and you really get your money's worth!

I love this it cleans and leaves my face feeling great

I love this because you only have to use a dime size maybe even less and you really get your money's worth, but it is expensive in my opinion

I love the exfoliating beads! It makes my skin smooth and bright! The chemicals aren't harsh either. Again my only problem with MK is the price.

Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 cleanser has three steps in one product. It cleanses, exfolliates, and refreshes in one step. The 3-in-1 cleanser comes in two formulas, normal/dry and combination/oily, so there is a formula for everyone. It does not have a heavy perfume scent and leaves your face clean and feeling very soft!