Mary Kay Satin Lips

Mary Kay Satin Lips

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This is a good product but I will not buy it again. I am currently loving a few other, cheaper lip treatments that I think are just as good.

LOVE LOVE LOVE I absolutely love this product! My lips have never felt more soft and luscious !

I had this Mary Kay lip satin before and I loved it

Loved it I tried this at a Mary Kay party and I didn't plan on purchasing anything. But of course we all know I did. I love this product. It makes my lips silly smooth. And with out the dryness crushing my skin together, it honestly make my lips appear bigger. I'd definitely recommend purchasing this

A great exfoliator, I use it all the time, especially before wearing liquid lipstick

love this product it really helped my lips after moving to a dryer climate.

Feels like sand paper on my lips and the more I use it the more it dries and cracks them. As a Mary Kay consultant I love my products but this is one of my least favorite

This is wonderful. A little goes a long ways. My lips have never felt smoother

I have used this product since I was a teenager & i love it! My lips are really large and get dry easily so I love the gloss to put on throughout the day and the scrub to get the dead skin off! It's like a facial scrub for your lips! It's awesome! It's not terribly expensive but it's definitely worth the price!

I purchased Mary Kay's Satin Lips a while ago, and I remember thinking, I hope this works! Well it did! I liked that you could exfoliate all the dead skin on your lips, making them super soft! The lip balm I use over night, especially during the winter months. I am always wearing something, anything on my lips, because if I just leave them all natural they dry out, BIG TIME, and after 14 hours at work, the last thing my husband wants to come home to is a wife with chapped lips =/

I tried Satin Lips and the texture may take some getting used to but you will like the results. It's gritty, but when you rinse your lips, they will feel smooth.

I have been a Mary Kay user for years. This stuff rocks. Very kissable lips.

I recommend this product to everyone I know! It makes my lips so smooth. It is a little pricy but worth every penny!

I love this product. I like to use it every so often to help my lips feel great.

I love Mary Kay Satin Lips. The best time to apply is in the evening before going to sleep because the lip balm last for 8 hours. When you wake up your lips will still be satiny smooth and the balm will still be where it was when you went to sleep. The mask helps to peel away the dead skin. Chapstick is applied on top of this layer instead of actually moisturizing. After using the mask the balm is then able to moisturize your lips and not the layer of dead skin. Highly recommended.