Mary Kay Satin Hands Hand Cream

Mary Kay Satin Hands Hand Cream

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Satin Hands It makes your hands feel so silky smooth and non greasy , great for any age and great smell.

I will never buy another moisturizing set for my hands after using this! It was completely worth the price! I am a teacher and my hands are always drying out and cracking. After I started using this product, I have completely different hands. Bonus: It makes your hands smell really nice too!

Love the smell!

my hand skin is too dry this product is too good too helpfuul to my hand

Works beautifully !! does what it promises smells amazing. feels so soft and also, great for other parts of body not including face.

this stuff works! does everything as promised.. also works on other parts of ur bod. i love the smell!

Satin hands scrub is awesome and can also be used on your elbows, ankles and feet. The hand softener is an essential step because you will noticeably see a difference in your hands. Especially to those of us that are starting to see age spots and wrinkles :)

Satin Hands moisturizer is very expensive, and while it does seem to soften and smooth hands, it doesn't do so noticeably more than other, less expensive brands of hand lotion. Meanwhile, Satin Hands scrub (which can be used in place of soap) is supposed to exfoliate hands while cleaning them. This seems to work, but again, there may be less expensive exfoliating scrubs available at, e.g., Bath & Body Works, that do the same thing. There is also something called a "hand softener" that I haven't tried, so I can't speak to that one. Overall, not too impressed.