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  • jenniferenee12 By  jenniferenee12    

    This is the best eye-makeup product on the planet. Gently cleans off your makeup without rubbing.

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  • j-rays By  j-rays    

    Lives up to the hype!

    This makeup remover is everything you could ask for... gets everything off effortlessly and without any irritation, greasiness, or extra effort needed. Also, my bottle has lasted me forever and formula seems to stay good for a long time!

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Love It

    Removes makeup easily and quickly! My skin felt moisturized after using! There was no irritation or redness!

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  • NatalieMeraz By  NatalieMeraz    

    Not my favorite. Leaves a oily residue. Also it breaks me out

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  • Itskristenmack By  Itskristenmack    

    Holy Grail! Best On The Market

    I have used this product for 15 plus years. It is my FAVORITE! It is the only eye makeup remover that successfully removes all of my eye makeup. It is oil free and gets the job done! Don't even waste your time or money on the brands.

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  • Dommy_Taylor By  Dommy_Taylor    

    I love this product but the only out put of this is that it's very oily on my skin even after I was my face.

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  • Megalicious By  Megalicious    

    Overall, Great Product

    This product works great to achieve its purpose. Leaves behind an oily trace on my skin even though it claims to be oil free. Product will get in my eyes and makes my vision blurry for a few minutes and sometimes burns, but BEAUTY IS PAIN!

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  • brehein By  brehein    

    Great product.

    I love this product! Give it a shake, put some on a cotton pad, and wipe away your day! It's not greasy or harsh. It doesn't burn my eyes. It gently takes off my eye makeup without scrubbing. Water proof mascara is no match for this product. I would highly recommend it to anybody.

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  • nikki7509 By  nikki7509    

    This removes makeup so easily. it's easy on the skin, and it doesn't need harsh scrubbing. This is my go to makeup remover after a long day.

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  • Lroma55 By  Lroma55    

    I love it!

    My go to eye makeup remover! It quickly and easily removes my makeup.

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  • lyndsayra By  lyndsayra    


    This gets my eye makeup off so easily. And it lasts a long time. Love this product.

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  • Scarlett007 By  Scarlett007    

    Better than Great Product

    This is a charming eye makeup remover very much like Lancomes Beneficil Remover, it short it suds when shaken and removes every drop of mascara. What more could one ask for? Oh yes, it does not tug or pull at the delecate eye area*!*

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  • khaliQueen By  khaliQueen    

    I love it! This is by far the best eye makeup remover, leave my face feeling fresh, and clean none oily residue

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  • ManicMom By  ManicMom    

    I would run a mile to get this make-up remover...that's how good it is. I LOVE mascara and even 3 layers can't defeat this remover. I put a dab on the cotton ball and gently wipe my eye area clean. No rubbing, scrubbing allowed!! Very Affordable and Effective!

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  • Abagailfreestuff By  Abagailfreestuff    

    Great eye makeup remover! No need to pull, or rub on those delicate eyes! Just gently swipe.

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