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  • eliss22 By  eliss22    

    I own most of the marykay eyeshadows, they have a very good pigmentation and a good variety of colors, they usually don't crease and are very long lasting and

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  • jsutton87 By  jsutton87    

    i used to sell mary kay and when i got samples of the Mineral Eye Color i flipped over it the colors blend well i had to make them my most talked about product one of my best sellers

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  • rockenraerae By  rockenraerae    

    This eyeshadow goes on nicely. It actually looks the color its supposed to. It blends well and it lasts all day. You couldn't ask for anything better!

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  • katoriyukai By  katoriyukai    

    I love the way this eye shadow glides on and lasts even when I forget to use an eye shadow primer. It's very pigmented and they all work well together. I use a variety of the browns for an everyday natural look. Simply gorgeous.

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  • BlueJacketsGirl By  BlueJacketsGirl    

    Mary Kay makeup is the only kind of makeup I buy mainly. I absolutely love the eyeshadows, actually Im obsessed with the eyeshadows. Although they always seem to be getting rid of my favorite colors of eyeshadows

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  • happygolucky17 By  happygolucky17    

    I love this eyeshadow for everyday use. It stays on all day, and doesen't leave a crease line. I love the way I can change up the colors I wear so easily with the magnetic compact.

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  • BronzedSouthernBeauty By  BronzedSouthernBeauty    

    These shadows are so soft and pigmented! I don't have any issues with the shadows being powdery. I absolutely love these shadows!

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  • hipmomof2 By  hipmomof2    

    Comes in a wide variety of colors! Goes on very smoothly and easily blends. Get even better staying power by pairing it with the Eye Primer!

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  • rachelperez By  rachelperez    

    I love this product!! It wears all day and rarely creases. The colors are great. Even the highlighter colors show and stay well!

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  • Ricca81 By  Ricca81    

    I just started using Mary Kay, I love their mineral powder but their eye shadows can use some improvements

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  • allmystuff By  allmystuff    

    I was a Mary Kay rep for over a decade, and always thought their cosmetics were tops! Until I tried brands like Smashbox and Urban Decay. They make the Mary Kay eyeshadows look like Cover Girl! Do yourself a favor and try one of the upscale brands of shadow, the price is comparable to Mary Kay (and even more favorable if you find a good deal on some!) And you won't have a rep pushing you for a skin care party LOL

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  • westkg By  westkg    

    I LOVE my Mary Kay mineral eye shadow. I have used nothing but this for about 2 years straight. I think the price is good for the quality that you get. Mine is very durable in my large case and I don't have any problems with breaking, etc. It works even better when used with the Eye Primer. I would definately recommend spending the extra money to get this product! There are multiple colors to choose from, and even packs now that they put together for you, just for your eye color. It really makes my eyes pop and stand out. I have had no problems.

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  • washingtinlady By  washingtinlady    

    I REALLY like Mary Kay!! I love how it looks on me. Although the down side; i don't think it looks good if you don't have the foundation on! So if I get the shadow, i feel i have to go all the way and get the foundation as well in order for it to look good! And it's a bit costly...IF i have the extra money i'll get it , otherwse stickto the less expensive!

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  • selfish333 By  selfish333    

    Difficult to use, the lighter shades not pigmented at all. For the price, it is best to scout the drugstore aisles.

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  • LKriegs By  LKriegs    

    I have this shadow in coal and use it occasionally to create a smokey look. I have found that it's hard to blend as a shadow. A few weeks ago, I began using it with an eyeliner brush and love it as an eyeliner! I use it alone or over a liquid liner for a more subtle look.

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