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  • NatalieMeraz By  NatalieMeraz    

    Good eyeliner. Nothing really special about it. If not careful you can smudge it.

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  • flemingtessie By  flemingtessie    

    I really live this product. I use it almost every day, it's super liquidy but dries so quickly and doesn't smudge much

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  • eliss22 By  eliss22    

    This is a good product, however it's not my favorite, I feel like the consistency of the liquid is not great sometimes when it dries out it kinda cracks and doesn't look good and falls and other times just works ok, so I have mixed feelings for this liner

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  • hsmom3995 By  hsmom3995    

    This is the best liquid eyeliner I have ever found. It is one of my can't live withouts! It is liquid but it is made like a pen for easy applications. Especially great for those who are not so good at liquid eyeliners because of the brush. Makes it so anyone can use it! And you get a perfect look everytime! And it is very reasonably priced.

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