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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Va Va Volume

    Mary Kay Lash Love mascara is amazing! No more use for false lashes! This mascara will make your lashes look extra long and plump!

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  • stillgettingreddy By  stillgettingreddy    

    Lengthening Mascara Underdog!

    This product definitely does what it claims to! My eyelashes always look so long and separated after using this mascara. I use it on a daily basis and it lasts through the course of the day. The pigment is dark enough to darken my already black eyelashes and create a noticeable difference, but not so much that it's apparent that I'm wearing mascara. Definitely good for a more natural makeup look. It is a lesser known mascara line but I would definitely recommend to my friends if they can get their hands on it.

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  • NatalieMeraz By  NatalieMeraz    

    One of the best mascaras. Your lashes look long and full. Hard to take off but very great mascara.

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  • anyeholt By  anyeholt    

    Hard to remove but great product

    This product stays on without smudging all day! It makes lashes looks a lot longer. The only problem is that it is very hard to remove. Almost have to buy the eye makeup remover just for this product.

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  • snconover By  snconover    

    I used to be pretty loyal to a different mascara, then I received this free from a Mary Kay party. I knew from day 1 that I wouldn't be going back to my old brand. If I could make the perfect mascara for me, this would be it. I don't like waterproof mascara because of the struggle to get it off, but I also don't like mascara that will smear if I get something in my eye and rub it, or cry. This mascara stays put in those cases, but is very easy to wash off. I don't like a lot of volume in my lashes, but do like having length added. This mascara does just that.

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