Mars  M&Ms

Mars M&Ms

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I love this candy and the way it melts in my mouth.

M&M's are delicious! They're so versatile; you can add them to trail mix, cookies, as a topping on ice-cream, as part of an icebreaker, as your quick sugar on a long run, or have them on their own.

Chocolate heaven Love chocolate this one is good they have so many different flavors too value is amazing always fresh family size fun snack for people with a sweet tooth

mmmm chocolate melts in your not in your hands is an understatement these little morsals of goodness are almost to good to be true. The hard candy shell melts away in your mouth and the smooth chocolate is not too sweet just right for a yummy treat.

M&M Candies Great chocolate in a tasty candy thin shell. Awesome as a snack or a treat.

The original is still the favorite! You really can't go wrong with the original. When my husband and I started dating, M&M's would be his candy choice at the movie theater. He pours some in his hand and closes his fist. It softens the chocolate inside but the candy shell remains intact. We've also had numerous M&M candy dispensers over the years, which always came out from Halloween through New Year's. We also like peanut M&M's but the original remains the favorite!

Peanut M&M's (yellow bag) I am a total sucker for peanut M&M's. I have to limit myself to 20 pieces though: they are too addicting, and I could easily eat the whole 10oz bag

M&Ms are the best - always good no matter what time of year.

Fun and tasty! Growing up these were the candies that taught the little ones in our family their colors, if they said the right color they got to eat an m&m! How fun right!

One of my favorite chocolate candies. My great grandmother would give me these almost every weekend when I was little and that must be where my love for them started. They pair so well with pretzels and you can toss them in a bowl for a fun and super easy party snack.

2 thumbs up M&M Originals will always be one of my favorite candies. I've tried the newer different variations of M&Ms but I haven't found any I love as much as the originals. They make the perfect Ice cream or Cookie topping. They are also the perfect treat for little ones regular chocolate melts quick , the candy shell helps keep things less messy.

Best Candy Ever Made! If you love a great snack that'll satisfy your sweet tooth, this is exactly what you need for that fix of yumminess!

One of my faves! I have loved M&Ms since I was a child. They are the perfect snack for on the go or anytime. I also love to bake and decorate with them!

Love M&Ms! M&Ms have always been my favorite, especially the original milk chocolate M&Ms. They are my go-to movie snack or ice cream topping. At the movies I love mixing M&Ms with popcorn the sweet & salty combo is perfect!