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  • elew5230 By  elew5230    

    This drying cream really works quickly. I use it at night and by morning can see a real improvement. I think it is the best skin product out there.

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  • bubbles1121 By  bubbles1121    

    I got a sample pot of this by doing the survey online on their website as part of my skin care regiment. I actually used this overnight at night when I have a pimple; I feel like spot treatment works well with this. It helps to dry out the area and prevent oil from building up. Beware though that not closing the lid properly will dry out this actual product. A little bit goes a long way with this product and I agree with other posters that it does have a strong smell, like clay, but youre using so little that it does not mind me much.

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  • michellehundley By  michellehundley    

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  • caseyfleagle By  caseyfleagle    

    I recently received a sample from Mario Badescu. I absolutely love the drying cream. I put it on pimples and areas at night before I go to sleep and in the morning they are gone or significantly decreased in size. Love it!

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  • sonyjean By  sonyjean    

    I was given a sample of this and it is amazing. I rarely get any blemishes but, when I do it takes forever to get rid of them. I tried this and it really worked. I also used this on my husband he get more blemishes than me. He really likes it as well and the scent doesn't bother me nor him.

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  • Outgoing1 By  Outgoing1    

    I'm on my second container of this product and I absolutely love it. I wear it to sleep or under my makeup and it doesn't have a bad scent, but works GREAT!

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  • aem0508 By  aem0508    

    This treats and conceals! Great for hiding redness

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  • cleanliving By  cleanliving    

    Love their products - this one is great for cystic acne. The lotion is great for regular acne. The mask are all great also.

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  • kb13xoxo By  kb13xoxo    

    Works well on csytic acne.

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  • hollysanchez By  hollysanchez    

    I liked this product but the smell is awful. Maybe they could put some kind of fragrance in it. otherwise it smells like sulfur.

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  • Littlegalbiggrin By  Littlegalbiggrin    

    It dries out pimples without drying out the surrounding skin. Good stuff.

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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    This drying cream is a must have or anyone who experiences breakouts. By no means is this a "pretty" product - it is grainy, has a bit of a smell from the sulfur, and feels like you are putting grout on your face, but this product will outperform any other acne product on the market. Put just a tiny dab on the first sign of a breakout, and the problem is gone by the morning. I like the fact that this product is not diluted by colorants, perfumes, or other products like glycerin or silicone and many other chemicals I can't pronounce, let alone spell! Since so little is needed, this product lasts for an incredibly long time. Best part of ordering is the website. You are able to take a survey that helps determine your skin type and needs and then chooses products that would work best for your skin.

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