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  • gigi62 By  gigi62    

    Fun and a Easy read

    What would you do if every year on your birthday you leap into a different year of your life? Never knowing what age/year is going to be the next year you will be leaping into. Would you try and change some things that happened in your past, would you change everything or not change a thing at all. Oona Lockhart the year is 1982 she is 18 and she is at a New Years Eve party. She is also celebrating her 19 birthday on New Years Day. Her boyfriend and friends start the coundown. Oona is having feelings like tremors and she does not know why. As the countdown continues and the closer it gets to midnight the tremors and feeling get stronger. The countdown is complete and it is New Years Day the year should be 1983 and Oona should be 19. Except it is 2015 and Oona is 51 she leaped into another year. She does not understand what happened , wants to go back to 1983 and age 19. But soon learns that is not possible as she will stay in 2015 until New Years Eve and than who knows where she will go. I am not giving any more away. This is a fun and emotional book. That will have you reliving events and moments that have happened but for Oona they have not. Thank you Flat Iron for the ARC


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