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  • dmdifalco By  dmdifalco    

    Margaret Terry's DEAR DEB will make us all realize there must be a God and that his miracles do exist. This is a true account of a young woman afflicted with both brain and lung cancer and her quest to find a miracle. Margaret Terry knowing Deb as an acquaintance through Church has a desire to encourage her with her writings. The finished book is a lovely account of how God truly works in mysterious ways. Margaret digs deep into her past to send passages of hope to Deb on a regular basis. The bond that is created is bittersweet because the author knows that it will be short lived, Deb is not getting better. The letters are 'the miracles' that Deb needed to get through each day and Ms. Terry enjoys doing this for her. The reader will find a real miracle in Deb's words as she states to Margaret the following '"If my illness inspired you to write these stories, the cancer was worth it."' Deb knew God and she believed in his promises. She knew her body would be whole in Heaven and she had no doubt as to where she was going. This book was a priviledge to read for the Book Sneeze network in exchange for my review. I am and will be a better person for reading this. Deb is a hero, to be able to thank God under such circumstances and to share her last months with us and Margaret Terry is also a hero for sticking by Deb's side knowing the heartbreak she would feel when she was gone. This book brought back memories of my best friend who passed away in 2003 of pancreatic cancer. It was very emotional for me but also one of the most inspiring books that I have read in 2012. I wasn't able to put it down


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