Marcie Alvis Walker Creator of Black Coffee With White Friends

Marcie Alvis-Walker

Courage to Change: Marcie Alvis-Walker, Creator of Black Coffee With White Friends

SS Member Image    by   SheSpeaksTeam    Nov 16, 2021

Marcie Alvis-Walker, creator of Black Coffee With White Friends shares the inspiration behind her popular blog and what people can learn from having the courage to explore their questions and the perspectives of others.  We dive into how Marcie's experiences, often as the only black woman in predominantly white spaces, led to a shift in how she used her voice to tell and listen to stories.  Marcie's perspective is inspiring. She shares how we can use our fear to listen and understand those with different opinions and grow from those conversations. You can find Marcie on Instagram at @blackcoffeeewithwhitefriends where she shares all of her latest information & what she is working on. 

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